Procedural Crowds

by Difffuse Studio in Modifier Setups

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  • Thomas
    27 days ago

    My only request is to simply double the characters and animation styles. I'm currently using a tiny crowd, and the pattern repetition is way to noticeable, and the seed only goes so far as to fix it.. other than that, easy on performance, easy to set up, and for the price seams like a fantastic product.

  • AliTkhan
    2 months ago

    Already bought the addon long time back its really good, but they need to come up with more packs for characters for example casuals one and more easier way to add our own characters.

  • Gustavo Guzman
    2 months ago

    Awesome crowd system. would love to see something like ragdoll physics implemented for falling and object collision in future updates. just a thought...

  • Béla
    3 months ago

    Very useful, easy to use addon, one of the few that I keep using in every project. Brings life to my scenes which makes a huge difference. Very good value too, indeed. I agree, that more variety, more type of people would be highest up on my wish list. Also perhaps a very low poly option, to be used for aerial shots where quantity, not quality is important.

  • gggamma
    4 months ago

    Amazing value for the price. Could use more variety in the mix, some older people, some children, other races. The crowds all look like college kids.
    I've only played with it for a few hours. It was easy to set up and runs slickly in real-time in Eevee.

  • Novaplus
    5 months ago

    Hello! Recently, I bought Procedural Crowds and learned something... But there is something that has removed 2 Toggle Walk/Run tools in the Follow Curve or March box or in all the boxes... I hope it will be replaced for the version 3. We also expect new Casual packages, with different characters and from 4 eras (winter, summer, autumn and spring). I assure you that this package could be fantastic. Includes more individual animations. Luck

  • Daniel Geiger
    5 months ago

    Fast response from the developer, with little effort adjustable animations so far.

  • Mihail
    5 months ago

    Great add-on at a fantastic price! Brings every scene alive!

  • Christer Andersén
    5 months ago

    Fun and easy and works great!

  • Balik Kutusu
    6 months ago

    Great add-on!! Thank you!!

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