Procedural Cloth Bundle

by Blender Easy in Modifier Setups

Introducing the Procedural Cloth Bundle, a comprehensive toolkit designed to empower artists in creating intricate and detailed clothing designs. This bundle encapsulates five top-tier products, each offering unique capabilities:

Procedural Fabric: This tool transforms your 3D objects into fully textured woven fabric. It’s easy to use and allows you to use a Vertex Group as a mask to create torn and wear in the fabric. It’s perfect for creating realistic woven fabric patterns.

Procedural Torn: This tool uses Geometry Nodes to quickly transform your fabric into a torn cloth. It allows you to add thickness to the fabric, open holes using weight paint, control the length, radius, distortion, and add fuzz. It’s ideal for adding a touch of realism to your designs.

Surface Pattern: This powerful tool allows you to create 3D patterns on the surface of an object. It creates a grid of meshes and warps it around the object using its UV coordinate. With the UV Mesh Generator, you can easily generate a variety of mesh patterns on the surface of any object, simply by using its UVs. This gives you complete control over the pattern, and allows you to create effects that would be impossible to achieve with traditional methods.

Curve to Stitch: This tool uses Geometry Nodes to transform a curve into a Stitch Line.  It’s perfect for transforming simple curves into detailed stitches, adding fine details to your design

Procedural Fuzz: This tool uses Geometry Nodes to scatter fuzz on the surface of an object. As it uses instances, you can scatter an insane amount of geometry without using too much memory. It allows you to use different settings in render time and viewport and to use a mask to limit the amount of geometry. In this way, you can work without having performance issues. It’s ideal for adding lifelike fuzz effects to your cloth, enhancing the sense of texture and depth.

Fiber Layer: This Modifier for Blender allows you to generate fibers on the surface of an object. This unique tool is probably the only way you can create realistic sponges, cotton, lines, strands and webs following the shape of an object

With the Procedural Cloth Bundle, artists can unlock new levels of creativity and detail in their work, making it an essential addition to any Blender artist’s toolkit.

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Blender Version 4.2, 4.1, 4.0, 3.6
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