Procedural Building And Grid Generator

by V&A Studios in Addons

Create Amazing Buildings and Street Grids Quick and Easy

The Procedural Building and Grid Generator gives you the ability to create unique buildings and street grids, of any size, with just a few simple clicks. So, if you enjoy creating awesome custom 3D buildings and cities, fast and easy, the Procedural Building and Grid Generator is for you. 

Building Generator Features

With the building generator, you are able to set the length, width and height parameters of your building. The building generator also includes a few greeble assets that are used as roof assets for the buildings. This gives a nice effect when viewing several buildings from a birds’ eye angle. You can, however, remove these assets with a click of a button, should you wish to do so. No building is complete without a floor and the building generator includes the option to add a floor to the base of your building. The floor can be easily scaled to extend beyond the perimeter of the building, making it easier to capture your amazing renders.

In addition to the building tiles and greeble assets, you can also insert lamps around your building with one simple click. The lamps have a built-in emission shader, that can be activated through the building shader button. This features can be used to make awesome night scenes. 

One of my favorite features of the building generator is the building shader button. The building shader feature gives you the ability to apply different colors to the walls, windows, frames and trims of each building floor. The windows also have a built-in emission shader which can be activated with the building shader allowing users to create amazing night scenes.

With over 50 different building tiles, greeble assets and lamps, you can create a wide variety of interesting building renders.

Grid Generator Features

To compliment the building generator, we have included a grid generator to cater for those artists who want to create awesome city scenes with their buildings. The grid generator includes 5 road tiles (60mx60m) and uses the wave function collapse algorithm to create a variety of awesome and unique street grids. The grid generator also includes a street shader feature which gives you the option of customizing the colors of the street, road markings and sidewalk according to your own specifications.

Aside from giving you the ability to create a variety of cool custom buildings and streets grids, when used together, the Procedural Building and Grid Generator gives you the ability to create as many awesome custom cities as you want.
See video demo and documentation for specific user instructions. 

Published 10 months ago
Blender Version 3.3
License GPL
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