Procedural Brick Wall Generator

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Are you a game developer, or an interior decorator, or maybe a graphic designer who needs to create some brick walls real quick? Then this powerful and easy-to-use Brick Wall Generator is made for you! Start with the default cube in Blender, use this Brick Wall Generator and boom! An attractive brick wall is just ready for you. You can then easily customize it as per your requirement & your taste.

You can control the length of the wall, its height, the amount of weathering effect on its surface. You can increase or decrease the displacements of the bricks to give it the perfect look for your project. Multiple such walls can be added into your scene and each one of them can have different settings. You can also stack the bricks vertically (shortest side on the ground) or hide the joints for a different look.

When you install Brick Wall Generator it will add two menu items, namely Create Brick Wall Light and Create Brick Wall Dark. They only have a difference in the associated textures. The light version will create bricks with a light texture suitable for modern day buildings, and the dark version will use a different style - more suitable for boundary walls or heritage site.

Two separate wall textures are included with this product, and the walls get created along with their UV maps. Which means, you can even add your own textures for the wall. The node will create two materials, one for the bricks and another for the joint. You can customize or even replace these materials if you wish - the UV maps are ready with you! However, these UV maps are generated automatically, not hand-crafted - so we cannot expect them to be flawless. But they are reasonably good for a normal use in a game or in an interior design.

Please go through the instruction documents for a quick setup. You can also check the documentation on this site thoroughly to understand the product better. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime! We are available here and also on our YouTube channel.

Watch our video tutorial to know more about the tool before you purchase. See how it works, what you can do with this node, and then take your decision. Let us create walls just in a few clicks! And let us create walls only in the computer - not among ourselves :)

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Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4
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