Pro-C Materials

by Pro-C Materials in Surfacing

Why the Evolutive Materials seems flat on my model ?

Increase your surface resolution (by subdivision) for a better displacement display.

Why I cannot rotate the Evolutive wall materials ?

Since its procedural materials, some special effects like moisture and water dripping were added to the wall materials. If you want to rotate the evolutive materials, please rotate the UV's instead

Can I use Rock Materials on complex geometry surfaces ?

Yes, you can also try to change the texture coordinate for other result !

Why Evolutive Materials take time to load in Eevee ?

Due to the complexity of the procedural process, we advice you to use the Evolutive Materials with Cycles Engine

Why the displacement isn't available in Eevee ?

The displacement is not currently supported by Eevee Engine . A bump version of each material was added to fix this problem and increase the render realism.

Can I use Evolutive Materials on complex geometry surfaces ?

Actually, the evolutive materials are made for plane surface . You just need to subdivide a simple plane and add a subdivision modifier to see the magic happen !