Press Start: Your Simple First Blender Project

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Looking for a simple modeling, texturing and lighting Blender project? PRESS START!

This Blender course is...

✅ made for beginners (or those who need a refresh)

✅ perfect as your first Blender project

✅ possible to complete in a weekend

✅ designed to be customized by you

❌ for creating a real game console (sorry!)

Oh, did I mention... we're keeping it light 

 Creating in Blender should be fun, first and foremost. 

That is why we're bringing back an iconic 80s handheld gaming console from an alternate CG Cookie universe.

This object, though eternal and glorious, is just an example for teaching you the Blender workflow... so you can get up and running on creating your own endless Blender projects.

After this course, you can create all kinds of 3d objects of your own

And yes, you'll have the console as well to show off to your grandma.

Totally new to Blender? Watch the Blender Basics first 

Don't worry: it's quick. You'll learn to navigate in 3d space, move objects and more. Complete this series and then PRESS START to put it all into practice.

1️⃣ First, we'll model the console

In this part, you will learn how to...

  • model in Blender from a reference image
  • create your own mesh shapes
  • use the most important modeling tools
  • use modifiers (makes your life easier!)

2️⃣ Next, we'll add materials and textures

A model without textures is like a rhino without a pink bow on its horn. Just... boring.

Learn how to:

  • add materials
  • apply and customize textures 
  • load an animation
  • use a generated pattern

3️⃣ Let's light this and get to rendering

I won't leave you in the dark. 

To make our model shine, we will apply nice, basic lighting and render it out for the ultimate beauty shot.

Customize it to make it truly your own

In the end, you can make your own little pocket game console and customize and shape it however you want.

Plus: Learn how to troubleshoot and avoid pitfalls

Starting with Blender can be overwhelming.

I'll show you the mistakes to avoid and the tricks I wish I knew when I was first starting out.

Meet your instructor: Jonathan Lampel 

Hey everyone, in my 5+ years of teaching Blender at CG cookie, I've created dozens of courses and taught thousands of new Blender users. Together, we can do this!  Have a question? Ask me on Twitter.

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