Preserved Head

by Quadmade Studio in Models

This is a preserved head from a serial killer from the XVIII century, he died on an asylum after several brain surgeries, they kept his head to study his mental ilness, He used to kill his victimins by turning their bodies insied out them dispose it on a table to eat like a holyday supper. People believe that sometimes the head turn its eyes and move his jaw
photo-realistic 3D model, that is created to support Your projects With PBR Metalness and glossiness Workflow. 
The model is suitable for any visual production

- broadcast, high-res film close-up, advertising, games, design visualization, forensic presentation, etc.

The model was originally created in Blender 2.79b, textured and rendered using Cycles and principled bsdf nodes setup , using HDR environment and an Area light as reflector. ( Light & Render Setup included on native file) Textures embedded on the file. 

There is no post-production used on any of the renders you see except enhancements effects on image 2.


-Real World Scale in Centimeters 
- optimized Quads And Tris Topology 
-Model suitable for subdivisions
-All textures and materials are tailored and applied for high quality render results. 
-All objects have fully unwrapped UVs 
-No extra plugins are needed for this model. 
-Lights and cameras are included in the scene.


-Model is included in 3 file formats. 
-Blender 2.79a 
- Marmoset Toolbag 

-Model consists of 7810 Faces and 7691 Vertices. 
-Units: centimeters 
-All Textures are PNG format with the following 
-Maps included: 
Diffuse, Basecolor, Normal, Specular, Metallic, Glossiness, Roughness, opacity