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by aPOP in Addons

These are the tools I've built for myself and use everyday as : a fulltime youtuber. They allow me to create entire videos from start to finish almost exclusively in Blender (yes even video editing! I highly recommend the FREE add-on VSEQF to help complete your workflow.)


Modifier Panel

  • Arrange Modifiers Panel: Unlocks the ability to organize the modifiers of all selected objects at the same time.
    • Move to Index Value: Move the active modifier (It will highlight when you click it) to the specified index. Soft limits are 1-10. If you type 11 or higher the soft limit increases to whatever you need.
    • Move Up/Down: Move selected modifier up or down by a row, optionally works on all selected objects.

NLA Editor

  • Select Strips Under Playhead: Selects all NLA strips under the current playhead position.
  • Add Track Above Selected: Creates a new track above each selected track.
  • Delete Empty Tracks: Removes all NLA tracks that do not contain any strips.
  • Copy Strips to Selected: Copies the selected NLA strips to the selected objects at the current frame.
  • Align Start Frames: Aligns the start frames of all selected strips with the active strip’s start frame.
  • Align End Frames: Aligns the end frames of all selected strips with the active strip’s end frame.

Video Editing (VSE):

  • Import Multiple Video Files at once: Import a folder or whole set of folders + subfolders of video files.
  • Import Image Sequences: One click import for all of your rendered image sequences! Just choose the top level folder, and Blender will import the image sequences from all folders inside of that folder automatically.

Future Features (Coming soon! The code is done and working, I just have to organize it into buttons/panels.)

  • Add/Remove Collision to all selected objects: Currently, you can only add/remove one object at a time.
  • Delete Cloth Bake on Selected objects: Unlocks the ability to delete the baked simulation of multiple specific objects without deleting it for ALL objects, as the current blender button does. Also keeps you from having to delete a Rigid Body Simulation that is already baked in the same scene.
  • Bake selected Cloth objects only:  Multi object baking without baking everything in the scene.
  • Push down NLA strips for all selected objects: I can't believe Blender doesn't have this already. You have to click each and every line to move your animations for multiple objects to the NLA timeline. Now it's one click!

Graph Editor:

  • Select Associated Objects: Select the objects attached to the currently selected keyframes. (Quickly figure out what you are working on)
  • Add Keyframe (Selected): Adds a keyframe to all f-curve's at the current playhead location if the F-curve is selected. (Selecting a keyframe selects the f-curve.)
  • Keyframe Info Panel: A quick way to see the difference between two keyframe's.
    • Time Difference: How far apart two keyframes are on the timeline from one another. Great for quickly measuring repeating patterns.
    • Value Difference: The amount between two keyframe values. Example: A rotation keyframe at 30 and another keyframe at 90 = 60 degree difference. 

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Published 2 months ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0
License Royalty Free
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