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UPDATE 1.1.2


- minor fixes and update in the arrangement of the nodes 

- fix on mix nodes that may causes issue in newer version of blender , now replaced with custom linear interpolator nodegroups(Float, Color, Vector), now 1.1.2 should be compatible with all blender versions.

- structure preparation for next 1.2 update that will support a couple of new compound to handle Wetness transition trough intersecating object , and Driven water level to update every asset in your scene just by dragging the water plane.

- 1.1.0 removed due to compatibility issues with some blender version.


Water Caustics on depth specific for Eevee are finally here. They are Smoothed Voronoi Based Caustics that goes in combination with the depth compound and that will add even more realism and features to your water scenes. They are strictly linked with water surface sharing vector coordinates trough a rewritten vector compound system.

The Voronoi System will technically works in Cycles too , but i strongly reccomend to use the Cast Shadow Caustics function integrated and specific for Cycles to achieve your best high quality result.

The Water Shader will fully support the shadow caustics usage if you setup the lights to be shadow caustics caster as well as the Water surface, and the objects in the scene as receivers.

Chromatic dispersion is also supported by plugging different phase offsets on the RGB Channel of caustics combine node. (i reccomend to use it in render only if needed because will affect performances with few FPS drops)


These renders animation are done in Eevee with a day and night setup.

Light Range mask can make the job perfect for night scenes.

CHANGELIST ver. 1.1:
-Minor Fixes on Turbidity Blending now providing a proper diffuse lighting behavior on mixed parts.
-Depth Compound has now a Principled BSDF instead of a simple diffuse for correct material blending. Roughness and metalness are exposed per Object in the depth Compound.
-New Compound Structure to better control animation and look.
-Smooth Voronoi Based Caustics with Few Compounds to give full control on the appeal.
-Integrated Caustics in the Depth Compound.
-Chromatic Dispersion on Caustics is possible trough splitting of RGB Components.

- New basic demo file available :"Caustics Pool". take a look for material setup 
-Turbidity will mask Caustics visibility based on the Turbidity Amount Factor and smoothness.
-Closed compound for tiling and coordinates to get same data for Caustics too.

Minor Changes in the nodegroup structure may be confusing but they are pretty straight forward ,so don't panic, Caustics are stored and computed inside the DepthCompound. Animation Parameters for Water are now located in the VecCoord Compound that handles rotating, tiling and offset parameters that can be shared between water surface and submerged objects.

Just open the Source blend file or the Pool Demo to take a look on how it Works.

An in depth new tutorial will come very soon (tomorrow) and in the meantime feel free to reach me out for any help request or information.



Looking for a versatile water shader that works seamlessly with both Eevee and Cycles? Look no further than Water Fx! This powerful nodegroup allows you to create stunning water surfaces in Blender, with advanced features like refraction and depth effects that will bring your scenes to life. But what sets Water Fx apart is its unique system for rendering underwater environments, which uses a depth-based color remapping function to create awesome underwater lighting blend effects. This system is compatible with both Eevee and Cycles, so you can achieve the perfect look no matter what rendering engine you prefer. 

Water FX is the perfect solution for anyone looking to add realistic water effects to their Blender projects. With its optimized node structure and easy-to-use parameters, Water FX is both faster and cheap to compute and does not require volume rendering ,making Water FX fully compatible with both Eevee and Cycles , giving you complete flexibility to choose the best rendering method for your project. Whether you're a professional artist or just starting out, Water FX is an excellent tool to enhance the realism and visual appeal of your work.

Try Water Fx today and take your 3D water surfaces to the next level!

images showcased on this product page were created using Water Fx in conjunction with Megascans assets. they are rendered in Eevee.


For who already bought the product, all the future updates will always be free.

There will not be different product version forseen,so the price may increase over time with new features.

Follow Me on IG for Updates and upcoming Features/Production. Instagram Official


Just Follow this Tutorial to learn how to setup and use the system.

This water shader includes a depth-based color remapping algorithm that creates realistic underwater Color fade effects. The system for rendering underwater color must be manually added to other objects' materials that intersect or are placed below the water surface. with this approach you can achieve the perfect blending of colors and depth effects, creating a realistic and immersive environment for your scenes even on Eevee. Try Water Fx today and see the difference for yourself!


Water FX allows you to adjust various parameters to achieve the desired effect. You can adjust the water's turbidity and simulate the lack of transparency directly in the depth nodegroup. You can also adjust the colors, degree of blending, and smoothness. Furthermore, it is fully compatible with Eevee and Cycles, and you don't need to change any parameters to switch between them.


The System works seamlessly with both Eevee and Cycles rendering engines, and when it comes to cycles it can benefit from microdisplacement and raytracing techniques for even better results. Whether you need a quick and efficient good looking real-time rendering or a high-quality final output with advanced raytracing features, Water FX has got you covered.

These Images are produced with Cycles + microdisplacement


Animating the water created with Water FX is very simple. You can create an animation by animating the three parameters for the noise displacement, which will give the water movement and create the illusion of waves. This allows you to easily create animations for water surfaces without the need for complex simulations or physics simulations.


With Water Fx, all you need to do is import the nodegroup and materials from the source file into your Blender scene, and you're ready to start shaping water to your liking. All the parameters needed to create a wide range of water surfaces, from calm and smooth to wavy and turbulent, are readily available for customization. In just a few clicks, you can mold water to your liking, and thanks to its compatibility with both Blender's rendering engines, your results will always be fantastic. And if you need help, we are always available to guide you along the way.


Water FX offers a powerful and versatile tool for creating realistic water effects in real-time using Eevee. With the ability to adjust parameters such as color, blending, and smoothness, users can easily achieve a variety of water types from calm to rough seas. For even more advanced results, Water FX is fully compatible with Cycles and its raytracing and microdisplacement features. Whether you're creating a realistic ocean scene, a peaceful lake, or a rushing river, Water FX is the perfect solution for all your water needs.

WATERFX is still on Development to find Better and new ways to render water bodies togheter with their features with the aim of preserve the Eevee scaling capabilities . Next step will be working on Caustics system and Generic Foam Simulation. Stay Tuned


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