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When rendering the Animation Nodes version, in particular animations, Blender unexpectedly crashes. The error console mentions EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION. What happened?!

This may be related to outstanding issue #1200 with Blender/Animation Nodes which is still being worked on.  

Current workarounds for large animations are to try rendering from the command line.  Make sure your work is regularly saved in case you encounter this bug.

What sorts of meshes do the addons work best with?

The addons works best on meshes containing quad faces - that is, faces with 4 edges each. This doesn't mean your whole mesh has to be made of quads, as you can operate the addon on a sub-selection of faces.  Other mesh topologies may work but are untested.

I have a new feature suggestion or issue with the addon. Who do I contact?

You can either contact me through the website or contact me through twitter @markkingsnorth.