Plant Models Vol 54 Low Blender

by Maxtree in Models

Plant Models Vol 54 Low Poly is a collection of low poly 3D grass & flower models. Includes 12 species, a total of 72 models.


  • *.blend (3.3 and above) | *.FBX Format.
  • Cycle | Eevee Materials.


  • Aconitum sinomontanum [‘Lycoctonum Shansiense Nakai’]
  • Ageratum conyzoides [‘Billygoat Weed’,’Tropical Whiteweed’]
  • Ajuga ciliata [‘Carpet Bugle’]
  • Androsace umbellata [‘Umbelled Rock Jasmine’]
  • Bidens pilosa [‘Beggarticks’,’Black Jack Plant’]
  • Capsella bursa pastoris [‘Shepherd’s Purse’]
  • Corydalis edulis [‘Corydalis’]
  • Elaeagnus umbellata [‘Autumn Olive’,’Japanese Silverberry’,’Umbellata Oleaster’,’Autumn Elaeagnus’]
  • Erigeron annuus [‘Annual Fleabane’,’Daisy Fleabane’,’Eastern Daisy Fleabane’]
  • Euphorbia helioscopia [‘Sun Spurge’]
  • Gnaphalium affine [‘Pseudognaphalium Affine’]
  • Ixeris polycephala [‘Ixeris’]

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Published 6 months ago
Blender Version 3.3
Render Engine Used cycles, eevee
Misc Data textured
License Royalty Free
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