Planet Generator 2.0

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Is it possible to use your own cloud maps, soil and ocean shaders?

Yes, there are separate inputs for this with additional mixing settings and masks. You can also combine your cloud maps with our cloud system. Or your shaders with our earth shaders to achieve insane effects.

Who needs a planet generator?

-VFX designers

-Concept artists

-Artists by environment

-Developer of games in the space setting

-NFT artists

-Creative people with crazy ideas

Why did I run the render from another camera and the mountains became flat and low-poly?

Adaptive displacement is used for the relief, which optimizes the process and allows you to make low renderings from the atmosphere. Adaptive displacement is tied to one camera that is initially installed in the project. If you need to make several renderings, the simplest way is to animate the camera frame by frame for each view.

Strengths of the planet generator?

A large number of settings that allow you to control everything. From color relief maps, to the glow color of different urban systems.

Two options for generating procedural clouds.

-One based on the mixing of several customized presets for different types of oblocs from cumulus and cirrus to vortices and cyclones.

-The second one is on the already prepared three sitsems for small large and cirrus obloks.

Are clouds based on displacement or volume?

Are clouds based on volume. Your cloud textures will use internal noise for a plausible result

Are updates planned and what will be done?

Of course! We are working on updates, and quite actively. We plan to develop a designer of planets based on biomes, fully optimize for EEVEE, and assemble a full-fledged addon from this.

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Blender Version 3.5, 3.4, 3.3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0, 2.93, 2.92, 2.91
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