Pipe Gen - Fully Customisable Pipe/Railing Generation (Subd Kit Included)

by hodgson3d in Modifier Setups

I know what you are thinking... Another pipe generator...
BUT unlike other pipe generators, Pipe Gen is designed to be as customisable and artist friendly as possible. A modular workflow allows artists to swap in and swap out whatever geometry they wish to use to generate the look they need. Just attach the modifier to an EDGE and start extruding!

Included with your purchase is a fully production ready subD kit complete with UVs. The kit alone is worth well over 20$ given the quality.

You can use the kit provided or create your own. The variety you can generate is limitless...

Just a few customizable features include:

-Customizable pipe profiles and pipe flanges. You have full control over the spacing/offset/rotation/scale of all flanges on the pipe including the random scattering of the flanges on the straight parts of the pipe to add variation.

-This generator does not lock you into a fixed fillet. Change the pipe fillet ratio for sharp and large angles of the pipe. Not only that, but you have full control over the bend geometry. Use procedurally generated bends OR use your own custom geometry.

-This is much more than just a simple pipe generator. Utilise your own custom profiles and kits to create a huge variety of assets such as railings.

-Automatic UVs on all pipes (including custom profiles) with added control to dictate where the seam runs along. Including support loops on either side of the pipe fillet so you can subdivide the pipe and ensure it will hold the same shape.

Please read documentation to get started :)

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