Pine Cones

by Martin Preston in Models

Here is a brief description of each type of cone along with a few statistics:-

  • David's Pine Cones - Pinus armandii - Moderately large with unusual wide thickened scales giving them a very distinctive appearance. Length 85mm,  Vertices - 16800,  Faces - 16900,  Triangles - 33400
  • Holford Pine Cones - Pinus x holfordiana - Huge with pale, straw-coloured more fir-like scales. One of the longest Pine cones found. Length 300mm, Vertices 810700,  Faces 819400, Triangles - 1608500
  • Austrian Pine Cones - Pinus nigra - Your classic modestly sized cone. Rounded ends on the seed scale and typical in shape. Length 45mm,  Vertices - 26000,  Faces - 21600,  Triangles - 44200
  • Mountain Pine Cones - Pinus mugo - Small and compact with really flat bases and dark shading. Length 35mm,  Vertices - 40600,  Faces - 38700,  Triangles - 79400
  • Maritime Pine Cones - Pinus pinaster - Large with a distinct sharp thorn on each seed scale. Length 150mm,  Vertices - 31300,  Faces - 29800,  Triangles - 61000
  • Monterey Pine Cones - Pinus radiata - Monterey Pines are large beefy pine trees and they produce cones to match. They can persist on the trees for years but don't be below when they fall, they are large and solid with really lopsided bases. Length 100mm, Vertices - 36700,  Faces - 33000,  Triangles - 67600
  • Scots Pine Cones - Pinus sylvestris - The only Pine native in the British Isles. Similar cones to the Austrian pine, but a fraction smaller and with a lower parastichy ( number of spirals made by the arrangement of the scales )  Length 40mm,  Vertices - 18400,  Faces - 17600,  Triangles - 36000

Each cone is a single joined object, made up of individual seed scales and in some cases a stalk or branch. Whilst these are a single object, I can generate cones as a unit of un-joined scales if you wanted to explode the cone, or remove individual scales for a chewed look. (The same can be achieved by selecting the whole cone in Edit Mode and using 'P > separate by Loose Parts'

Polygon counts are variable as the process that created the cones uses randomised sizes and scale counts. The statistics I give for each one are indicative rather than precise.

( I have not yet made the addon itself available as it still needs some tweaking and quirk-removal, but I would be happy for anyone to give it a go to help me make it more generally usable ). In addition, if you need another type of cone - real or imaginary, I'm happy to talk.

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Published over 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
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