Pie Menu Editor

by roaoao in Scripts and Addons

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  • Arnie Carlson 4 months ago

    The Pie Menu Editor is a big help for me. I'm kind of a add-on junkie so I have trouble finding a hotkey that is not in use for certain things. With Pie Menu Editor I can assign some crazy hot key to a add-on that I would never remember, and put it on my menu. I actually like regular menu's the best, so thanks for making the Pie Menu Editor so configurable.

  • moontan 11 months ago

    Perfect addon for mouse jockeys.
    Easy to use; you can right-click almost anything inside Blender, and assign it to PME.
    No more hunting around in sub-menus, you can have everything at your 'fingertip'.

  • Sugar March Media 12 months ago

    This is a must have!!!

  • Philip Tyrer about 1 year ago

    I fear that, should this plugin ever break, I will not be able to use Blender vanilla...

  • heybear71@gmail.com almost 2 years ago

    I purchased this literally 5 minutes ago and have already made myself a painting pie menu to switch to erase alpha and mix modes which will save me literally HOURS of clicking! This AddOn has paid for itself already - thank you Roaoao!!!

  • Martin Lindelöf almost 2 years ago

    Such really be part of Blenders source code! You'll be 10x faster with your own custom made pie menus.

  • Matt Moore about 2 years ago

    This is by far my favorite add-on. It is impressive how much customization is offered and it was incredibly easy to get started with it.

    I have created pie and dropdown menus which places all of my useful Blender functionality near my mouse cursor. I am often tweaking it as I learn to use the more advanced features of Blender. I even have it firing off my own custom scripts via button clicks. Love it!

  • virgil89 over 2 years ago

    if you are already on this page then do yourself a favour and buy it already! this addon it is what every software customisation should look like! the level of what you can do it makes you feel like you are cracking the code of blender! .. buy it

  • nieverson1 almost 3 years ago

    Best addon ever

  • Rafael Sánchez almost 3 years ago

    Can not use Blender without this addon anymore. And I´ve been using Blender from 2010.

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