Physically-Correct Jewelry Metals

by ddesign in Surfacing

Jewelry design has become quite popular lately! Mainly because of 3d Printing and the new opportunities that it has brought for designers. Having a photorealistic mockup of the final product can really convey your design ideas and bring them to the next level: 

  1. Find the best light spots, evaluate how your design reacts to light
  2. Achieving the best possible presentation
  3. Help your customer choose their product

Getting a conductive material right is very painful, as Cycles is not designed to handle non-dielectric surfaces... Unless you hardwire light behavior into a complex node setup

And that's where jewelry metals come in!

These are basically new shaders made from node setups which simulate real-world conductive surfaces, be those pure metals or alloys. Aside from attenuation curve and wavelength, the materials take into account also light deformation, where present.

No matter what light setup do you use, a physically correct material will Always look realistic, under any condition. So if you've struggled in the past with parameters tweaking just to have a material looking good ONLY in one scene, then you' ll see the benefits of having a setup which can be used in any scenario, Always.

Jewelry metals include the most used materials in jewelry, especially titanium (the latest trend in custom-crafted works), with the addition of a nice looking velvet material. Also a versatile render setup reusable for your models and close shot

Models and gem materials not included

*Update 5/11/2018* Gold material has been updated

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