Pbr Textures Collection

On Sale! by CGHawk in Surfacing

**PBR Textures Collection**

Looking for high-quality PBR textures and materials to enhance your 3D projects? Look no further than our exclusive collection, featuring all the PBR textures and materials from our store, now available at a discounted price of just $59.99!

With a wide variety of texture sizes, mainly at 4K resolution, and tileable textures, our collection is perfect for enhancing the realism and detail of your 3D models. Our texture maps include albedo, diffuse, normal, displacement, specular, metallic, and roughness, giving you the flexibility to create stunning visuals in any 3D software.

Whether you're a professional designer or a hobbyist, our PBR texture collection is an essential resource for anyone looking to take their 3D creations to the next level. Don't settle for low-quality textures or spend hours creating your own - grab our collection today and elevate your 3D projects to new heights!

Textures included are:-

Apocalyptic Brick Wall

Apocalytic Cobbles

Apocalyptic Concrete


Blue Corrugated Steel

Blue Fabric

Brown Painted Wood




Concrete Brick Wall

Damaged Brick Wall

Factory Floor

Faux Wood

Gold Paper

Graffiti Wall


Green Carpet

Green Glass

Grip Plastic

Ground Texture

Hatched Steel

Icy Terrain

Interior White Wall



Matte Painted Wood

Muddy Ground

Oak Planks

Painted Wall

Painted Wall 2

Painted Wood


Public Bench

Rocky Puddle


Scratched Glass

Smooth Rock

Stainless Steel



Weathered Wall

Wet Sand

White Painted Wall

Whitewashed Wall


Wood 2

Wooden Beam

Woodland Terrain

Wrought Iron

PBR Textures by CGHawk