Pbr Brush

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What is PBR Brush for?

Do you like to texture your models using existing seamless textures?

If so then you probably noticed lack of support for multi-channel painting in Blender. This is especially excruciating as PBR textures can streamline development of high quality assets for game development.
I have created the PBR Brush to quickly blend and texture terrain and nature for my hobby game development in Unity. 

Discord link: https://discord.gg/d5qCq7YRGt

How does it work?

Simply assign your PBR textures (Base colour, normal map, roughness, height, AO, emission, etc) into texture slots, click a button and paint away!

-You can also use it with different textures, to simultaneously create variants of your model (though I cant see why you would want to do that).

How to use it?

PBR Brush is trivial to use, just put your textures into slots and you are ready to speed-create some stunning assets.

I have put together this video to help you out:

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