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  • geoff meston
    13 days ago

    Doesn't work as shown in the video!I watched the video, purchased the PBR Bridge add-on, installed it only to find out it didn't work as shown in the video. I checked again, the version number I was using, ver 3, all seemed compatible. Then I checked the FAQ's. there are none, Documentation, it appears none, but the title is actually a link to documentation (which I missed because of this appearance), additionally there is a link to a Discord server. I then read, in detail, the marketing/about tab and found, scrolling down the page, that it refers to not being fully automated for the MAC. I feel this should have been called out in the FAQ's/Documentation pages clearly, and also in the Video to be fair to all users.When you see a plug-in like this and watch a video showing how it can make the process so much easier, this is how it should work. I had paid for this with these expectations, mostly based on watching the video. On a MAC this add-on process is much more manual and, to me, pointless.**** The developer had refused to refund me saying parts of it worked on a MAC. When the Blender Market Place refunded me the developer messaged me calling me a thief, sarcastically congratulating me on the refund. ****This add-on is pointless on a MAC, but more importantly this developer should have been more upfront in the video and should not be insulting customers calling them thieves. I will avoid this developer!

  • Amxc
    13 days ago


    • JC Cavadini

      5 days ago

      非常感谢你 ! 我很好奇,为什么评分这么低? 你缺少什么? 请通过消息或不和谐告诉;)
  • Jessie Estrada
    28 days ago

    Makes using Quixel mixer very convenient. You can easily move between Blender and Quixel Mixer. Great product

  • João Lopes
    28 days ago

    A must-have addon!
    True time saver!

  • 8l3nd3r
    28 days ago

    The Dev answers presale questions, and aftersales questions. If humans cant get the addon installed properly, It has nothing to do with the product. Its probably the lack of asking for support. This addon will save you a lot of time, and works like a charm.

  • H. D. Harris
    28 days ago

    This honestly saves so much time, I'm really glad I bought this!!

  • Hanterdro
    28 days ago

    Works like a charme. Pretty useful addon and a big time safer.

    An addon like this should be offered by Adobe.

  • Christopher Kenworthy
    29 days ago

    Like many others I've tried doing this myself, using the few tutorials you can find online, and I've never been happy. Now, it's extremely simple. Moving from Blender to Painter isn't completely automatic as you have to reimport the model, but it's only a couple of clicks. What I love is going back to Blender and in one click having all the materials appear on my model looking the way they were meant to look. It's instant. My only complaint is there are a few extra steps, like you must name your mix before sending. It would be good if things like this could be automated. But really, it's nothing compared to the hassle I had before. If you think this can be done with Node Wrangler you'll be pleasantly surprised that it's doing much more than that by making sure all the materials are collected and displayed in the same way. For me, this is an essential add-on.

  • Lonnon Foster
    about 2 months ago

    I've attempted to set up a workflow between Blender and Quixel Mixer in the past, but I never quite got there; it was always more complicated than the time I'd alotted for figuring it out, and I stuck with other techniques that I already new well. PBR Bridge takes care of all the material ID setup on the way to Mixer, and then it automatically builds the shader networks for the pile of different maps that Mixer generates. This saves so much time, and by examining the files and shaders produced, I've even learned more about how to set things up manually for those control freak moments I sometimes have.

    I'm producing results in minutes that I could only get from hours of fiddling around with shaders and texture painting in Blender. This has completely changed how I work with textures. Thank you for an excellent addon!

  • John
    2 months ago

    This addon makes things so much faster and more simplistic, definitely another addon you don't wanna miss once you used it. A literal timesaver. Even though at the beginning I had a problem with syncing but I fixed it by closing Blender and restarting it after I enabled the addon. This saves a lot of clicks.

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Published 4 months ago
Software Version 2.82, 2.83, 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93, 3.0
Render Engine Used cycles, eevee
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