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by Beamish 3D in Modifier Setups

From .PNG image to fuzzy knit patch in SECONDS.

I got tired of there not being an easy, sensible way to make patches in Blender. So I built one. And after months of tweaking modifying and fine-tuning... I pass this precious and useful tool onto you.

And with it you can now add stunning detail to your renders by creating flexible, fun and FUZZY knit patches within Blender.
Using this carefully crafted custom Geometry Node tree any .PNG can be converted into a fully 3D high detailed (and customizable) knit patch.


- Runs in Geometry Nodes using instancing (very light and fast)
- Highly customizable and tweakable settings. Make it messy and fuzzy or clean and dapper! Up to you!
- Perfect for baking. Get all the detail and none of the weight of a fully 3D patch
- Super fast and simple to use.
- Instructions and guides built right into the .blend file!

All purchasers will get all subsequent upgrades and updates free of charge in perpetual perpetuity forever and always, Amen.
And there will be some coming. I'm not done with this guy yet. There's many tweaks, additions, and features currently in the works.

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Published over 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.4
License Creative Commons
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