Pastelini 2.0 - Pastel Painting Eevee Shader

by Darth Shader in Surfacing


Pastelini recreates your Blender scenes into pastel paintings and drawings. You just choose your model, put Pastelini on it, and within a few clicks and a few minutes of playing with colors and lights you have a nice, traditional-looking artwork, which can even be easily animated. No UV's, fully procedural, and fast.

Working very well in Blender 3.0!

I made it mainly for landscape and environment artists, who love CG but need to catch their ideas quickly. Pastel technique is a great tool for this and Pastelini is like its digital mirror, which allows the artwork to get alive - to be animated by simple sliders I prepared for you.

Of course, you can also use it for any type of art and concepts - portraits and character design, vehicles, or whatever you can imagine.


To show you some examples, I created these three pastel scenes, which are included in the pack.


  1. Make your composition and models
  2. Set Blender to Eevee and Standard View Transform
  3. Get a color scheme (find a picture with a mood you want or paint/shoot one)
  4. Import Pastelini and make as many copies as you need to get different colors of objects
  5. Choose colors by intuition or color pick them from your pre-made color scheme

  6. Create a set of RED, GREEN, and BLUE lights - each of them will paint another color on your object - the default is:

    RED for the main light source
    GREEN for main shadows
    BLUE for additional light color
    NO LIGHT for a neutral background

    You can always change these and have NO LIGHT for the darkest values, it really just what color you assign to which light type. You have 12 colors to work within Pastelini Shader, but if you are node-friendly, you can expand the number to whatever you need and enhance the shader.

  7. Work in real-time render view and check if everything is correct
  8. Hit render!     or

  9. Press the spacebar and check the fluid animation
  10. Edit the animation direction, speed, and step frame
  11. Hit render animation!

NEW UPDATE! 2.0 + N-Menu Addon
The new 2021 update brings a brand new N-Menu Addon DarthManager, which allows you to add Pastelini materials to your scene without manual appending + offers a great Material Manager to keep track of all the imported material copies.

There are material thumbnails and there are many small features to make your work more efficient. Check out the 2.0 documentation for more details!


  • No UV'S (camera mapping)
  • Fully procedural (use it for any resolution)
  • Darth Manager N-Menu Addon
  • Lifetime updates
  • Royalty-Free License
  • Eevee - realtime
  • Animation-friendly (animation attributes right in the shader)
  • Great for illustrators, animators, environment artists and concept artists
  • Plug'n'play
  • The three model landscapes are included


Before using, please, check the documentation. It will not only help you with the installation, but it will also give you some great headstart tips.

  • The shader is made in Eevee and it will NOT work in Cycles.
  • The shader is only one node - so you can combine more of them and experiment!


  • PASTELINI SHADER with 18 material presets
  • FIELD SCENE (5 presets)
  • WINTER SCENE (6 presets)
  • FOREST SCENE (7 presets)


I would love to see your Pastelini art, don't hesitate and show me!
Here's the contact:

Best regards,
your Darth Shader

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