Particle City: An Epic Tutorial Series! + All Project Files + Bonus Assets

by CBaileyFilm in Models

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Welcome to the Particle City Tutorial Series! I hope you're excited because this is going to be one amazing ride!

Particle City is a 9 part tutorial series with 5-1/2 hours of mind-bending awesomeness.  You can watch the series for free on YouTube with ads, but by buying the series here you get so much more, including all the lessons ad-free, all project files and a Master Pack of assets inspired by the series.  

Learn how to use particle systems to create a massive futuristic city-scape that won't melt your computer. Particles in blender use the power of instanced geometry to create huge scenes with low polygon counts - so we can really push things to the max!  We'll also use this approach to create procedural flying cars and lanes of traffic.  

We then move into the world of shaders.  First we'll go step by step through the process of creating a procedural city building texture with glowing windows and sci-fi randomness.  Then, we get a bit crazy and use shaders to create fake volumetric clouds and atmosphere that can render a billion (exaggeration) times faster than regular volumes in Blender.  Things then get really out of hand when we throw in some rain and lightning just for fun.  

This is just the tip of the sci-fi iceberg.  We also discuss things like camera shake, making things look cinematic, how to speed up your render times and we animate some hero cars to lead the eye through the scene.  We then go really nuts and make an outrageous hologram landing pad that makes no sense whatsoever but looks sick! 

So buckle up and get ready to sci-fi with your host, Chris Bailey from CBaileyFilm!

Why you should buy this series:

  1. Buying the series will get you every project file used for each part of the tutorial.  That's 20 blender files I saved progressively as I built the scene during the making of the series.  With these files you can see how I progressed every stage of the project step by step.  Plus you can dissect them for your own projects as well!
  2. You also get all 9 lessons as downloadable video files that are AD FREE! That's right! No Ads! And you can load them onto any device and watch them (gasp) offline in glorious UHD4k (2720x1530)!!! 
  3. You also get the MASTER PACK - A collection of shaders, particle systems, and models from the series cleaned up, improved and ready to use in any project you're working on.  This is a genuine asset pack worth the price of admission alone! 
  4. Go ahead.  Treat yourself.  Stop reading and just buy it! 

What's Included:

Video Tutorial Files (mp4 format. 2720x1530 resolution (UHD 4K). Glorious stereo audio. In color.)

  • Particle City - Part 1- Generating The Particle Buildings - 29:11
  • Particle City - Part 2 -Texturing A Particle City - 45:54
  • Particle City - Part 3- Creating Particle Traffic - 42:47
  • Particle City - Part 4 - Simulating Traffic Flow - 36:07
  • Particle City - Part 5 - HDRI Lighting - 32:35
  • Particle City - Part 6 - Creating A Holographic Landing Pad - 38:55
  • Particle City - Part 7 - Adding Weather To Big Scenes - 38:23
  • Particle City - Part 8 - Adding Rain & Lightning - 38:18
  • Particle City - Part 9 - Make Cycles Render Faster - 39:23

Project Files (Blender 2.8x): 

  • Particle City Part_1_v1.blend
  • Particle City Part_1_v2.blend
  • Particle City Part_2_v1.blend
  • Particle City Part_2_v2.blend
  • Particle City Part_3_v1.blend
  • Particle City Part_3_v2blend
  • Particle City Part_4_v1.blend
  • Particle City Part_5_v1.blend
  • Particle City Part_5_v2.blend
  • Particle City Part_6_v1.blend
  • Particle City Part_6_v2.blend
  • Particle City Part_6_2_v2.blend
  • Particle City Part_7_1_v1.blend
  • Particle City Part_7_2_v1.blend
  • Particle City Part_7_2_v2.blend
  • Particle City Part_7_3_v1.blend
  • Particle City Part_7_4_v1.blend
  • Particle City Part_8_1_v1.blend
  • Particle City Part_8_2_v1.blend
  • Particle City Part_9_1_v1.blend
  • kloetzle_blei_4k.hdr (courtesy check them out!)

The MASTER PACK (see the documentation and FAQ for tutorials on each asset)

  • Rain Shader 2.0
  • Cloud Shader 2.0
  • Sci-Fi City Building Shader 2.0
  • Hologram Shader 2.0
  • Sci-Fi City Block Generator
  • Flying Car Model Generator
  • Flying Car Traffic Particle System

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