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The collection is saved in One File. All assets are sorted inside and can be inserted from the Blender Asset Browser.

The best way to use the collection is just to move the main file inside your Asset Browser File Path and you can automatically use it in any other file from Default Blender Asset Browser.

The Main Path for your libraries can be found and changed in Blender Preferences/File Path/Asset Libraries


Some models are highly detailed or have heavy topology because they are generated from Nurbs Software. It is recommended to LINK all of the models to your scene. If you need to edit the model, you can do it separately in a basic file and link afterward. 


It is possible to import 3D models in FBX format. 


The staff lady is a Humano product, and It is not included in the package.


For all renders it is used AgX View transform with Very High Contrast (in Color Management)Because the implementation of this color space is in the experimental phase I have prepared a similar condition for the Filmic View Transform if you want to play with the prepared studio scene as it is on the renders. (V1.0.2)