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What is PaintKit?

PaintKit is a toolset for blender artists interested in easily creating stylized ‘painterly’ looks in their projects. It includes a growing variety of procedural group tools in both the shader editor and geometry nodes graph to easily create paint-like textures and effects. PaintKit has been a passion project of mine to really dive deep into the stylized rendering techniques seen in recent films such as The Windshield Wiper, TMNT Mutant Mayhem, and Puss in Boots the Last Wish. This tool makes creating stylized normals and textures a breeze, and open a world of possibilities for new styles. 

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Any Engine!

PaintKit uses normal offsetting techniques along with procedural textures This means that along with working in both Eevee and Cycles, anything you make can be applied and baked to texture maps for use in ANY render engine!

Geometry Nodes Brush Generation

PaintKit features easy-to-use geometry nodes tools that allow the user to generate cards across the mesh, which can then be textured to give the appearance of brushstrokes. Included in the Brush Generation options are extra controls such as noise displacement, size and aspect ratio, and framerate adjsutments.

Guided Brushstrokes *Beta*

Currently in Beta, the Guided Brushstrokes tool lets the user dictate the flow of the brushstroke instances. Simply create your guide curves by drawing a new curve on your object surface, then create your brushstrokes with the curve set as the guide.


SimpleShell offers a simpler and more performance friendly solution to brushstroke generation. SimpleShell creates layers of the original object that can then be masked and textured using the SimpleShell nodegroup.

Custom Shaders and Tools

PaintKit includes an ever-growing suite of custom shaders and nodegroups that make shading and texture adjustments to your objects a breeze. Includes groups to easily fix shading errors from brushstroke objects and 3 unique paint-like procedural textures.

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Published 3 months ago
Blender Version 4.0
License GPL
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