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Charge! You rush into the British trenches, an officer defending the Rhineland, coveted Luger brandished high. This war will change the face of history, and this pistol will define the legacy of German military engineering. 

The P.08 Luger is an iconic weapon of early 20th century technology. Originating with the C.93 Borchardt, and evolving into one of the most recognisable firearms designs, the Luger served Germany throughout both world wars. It was a weapon ahead of its time, and is still as reliable and modern today as it was then. And now, you can bring it into your own projects!

Game Dev Ready!

As an indie game dev myself, this pistol model is designed with real-time restrictions in mind. With a base mesh around 6k polys, and a recommended subdivision that brings it closer to 20k, this pistol makes the most of texture detail to work for an FPS or even a VR experience. Comes with 8k PBR Metal/Roughness texture sets out of Substance Painter, perfect for use in modern engines like UE4. Also comes pre-set utilising the PBR textures and my PBR Uber-Shader v1.8 (included free with this asset), so this asset looks great in any environment and lighting conditions!

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Published about 7 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x
Misc Data , UV'S Unwrapped, Low & High Resolution, Normal Mapped, Textured
License Creative Commons
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