One Head Wonder! Advanced Head Base Mesh

by davidbiggscreative in Models

One-Head-Wonder was created for character artists to help them create faster and easier. It is designed to be used by anyone, from the novice to the professional, and set up in a way to be natural and intuitive to both, so you spend less time tweaking, and more time creating.


OHW! comes with meshes for the head, cornea, iris, caruncle, tear line, gums and teeth, and tongue.

Shape Keys / ZBrush Layers:

OHW! Is set up with shape keys in Blender or layers in ZBrush to shift between an average human head, a female head, a male head and any mix in between, so you can start with the right base mesh for the right job. It also includes shape keys for left and right eyelids to be closed.

Face Sets / Polygroups:

Face sets (Blender) and Polygroups (ZBrush) have also been set up to help ease the sculpting process. Face sets have been placed strategically so sculpting the anatomy of the face can be done with less masking, making sculpting faster. OHW! Also includes a full set of teeth and a tongue which have also had face sets applied, so individual sculpting of teeth is easier than ever.


OHW! Has been rigged and had deform shape keys added so you can pose your head however you like. Looking left, right, up, down, head forward, back, left or right, rotated, mouth open, jaw left or right, forward or back. Any pose you have in mind to showcase your project is right at your fingertips.


OHW! comes with materials for skin, eyes, tear line, teeth, and gums. Plug in your textures and watch your character come to life!

Procedural Eyes:

Procedural eye material, included with OHW!, allow the ability to procedurally apply redness, melanin level, vein visibility, vein color, and overall eye color for any eye your imagination can come up with. I've included 4 vein maps, a vein map template, as well as the alphas I used to create them so that you can create your own! The cornea mesh comes included with 2 different UV maps. One for easier procedural creation, and another for easier rendering in real-time engines. Along with that, the irises are also configured with 2 separate UV maps. One being perfectly circular, so adding in iris textures found via a quick search from your favorite search engine can be easily applied, and another set up to work with’s low rez iris maps for easy implementation of their textures.

Iris hue, saturation, and value are at your control for maximum creative freedom.

No More Wrapping:

And finally, OHW! pulls you from the constraints of having to wrap photo scanned textures to your base mesh. No more wrapping, tweaking, smoothing, and re-applying textures. OHW! Is UV mapped from the start to work perfectly with any head texture downloaded from, including this free head scan! All it takes is connecting the textures to the material node, and you’re in business! And since all 3dscanstore head textures are mapped the same, you can create all kinds of new and imaginative textures simply by masking and blending layers in your favorite photo editor. Of course, if you still want to wrap, that is always an option. :)


OHW! does include a ZTool for sculpting in ZBrush. All of the meshes are included, and the UVs for the head still apply, so loading in a 3D Scan Store Displacement map will work in ZBrush as well!

Update Notes v1.2: Added UV map to Irises for realtime baking 

Published over 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.0
Render Engine Used Cycles
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Rigged
License Creative Commons
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