Physical Puddles Pro Addon

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Introducing One-Click Physical Puddles Pro, the ultimate addon for Blender 3D that revolutionizes the way you create wet scenes. With just a single click on your chosen material, this powerful tool breathes life into your scenes, generating realistic puddles complete with physical properties that mimic real water behavior. Whether it's a rain-drenched street or a subtle morning dew effect, achieving immersive realism has never been this effortless.

Achieve Immersive Realism in Just One Click!

Instantly transform dry materials into wet, puddle-strewn surfaces with true-to-life accuracy. This feature is designed to save you time while significantly enhancing the realism of your environments.


Tailor every puddle to your scene’s specific needs. Adjust the size, depth, and spread of water, ripples settings with intuitive controls that offer you complete creative freedom.

Procedural Collision Ripples Generator

Automatically generate dynamic ripples around objects intersecting with your puddles, adding an extra layer of realism to scenes impacted objects.

Procedural Rain Splashes

Simulate realistic rain splashes with procedural control over splash size, intensity, and distribution, perfect for stormy weather scenes. Works in real-time.

Advanced Algoritms For PBR Materials with displacement [PRO]

Utilize cutting-edge algorithms that enhance Physically Based Rendering (PBR) materials with displacement effects, offering more realistic and dynamic wet surfaces.

Draw Puddles [PRO]

Craft puddles manually with precision drawing tools, giving you the power to dictate exactly where and how water accumulates in your scene (Vertex Paint Method).

Puddles From Proximity [PRO]

Create puddles based on the proximity of objects or terrain features, allowing for natural water accumulation in depressions or near obstacles. Just place the objects that will generate puddles. Don't like their placement? Just grab and move them. This is much faster and more intuitive than the vertex paint method. You can use premade Curve to simply draw puddles on geometry

Procedural Rain [PRO]

Generate comprehensive rain effects that interact with your environment, creating a cohesive and immersive rainy scene.

Procedural Drips Shader [PRO]

Add realistic water drips to surfaces, enhancing the wet look of your materials with procedurally generated water trails.

Procedural Water physics Using SimNodes [Experimental/PRO]

Add realistic water drips to surfaces, enhancing the wet look of your materials with procedurally generated water trails.

Paint Water Flow Direction [PRO]

Direct the flow of water with a brush, simulating the effects of slopes and contours on water movement in your scene for ultra-realistic water dynamics. Use with Flowmap painter addon (Free) -Gumroad link

One-Click Physical Puddles Pro is more than just an addon; it's a transformational tool that elevates your Blender projects to new heights of realism and immersion. Whether you're working on a film, a game environment, or a virtual simulation, this addon is designed to streamline your workflow and inspire your creativity.
Embrace the power of realistic water effects today with One-Click Physical Puddles Pro and unleash the full potential of your Blender projects!


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Physical Puddles Pro Addon


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