On The Rocks (Addon) V1.2 | Formations, Bricks, Walls, Walkpaths, Damages, Creations

by Dennis Hafemann in Addons

Versions changelog


  • Changed default values of tool "Edge Damage", for older pc's might crash with current default subdivision level.
  • Improved tool "Edge Damage", added new edge damage-method "Edge Angle" (now default), for faster, but less accurate edge damaging.
  • Improvements to "Edge Damage" modifier, to separate the damage method more clearly
  • UI-improvement, separated categories more clearly, "Presets" and "Materials" can now be previewed
  • New presets: "Arc Formation" (made with tool "Formation"), "Arc Bricks" (made with tool "Bricks Wall"), "Stone Oven" (with glowing firewood, made with tool "Bricks Wall")
  • New "Creation"-tool "Create formation", for having a stone formation more faster and more flexible, using a randomized, customizable grid and tool "Formation"


  • Bug Fix for Windows environment (Addon couldn't be enabled)


  • First version
  • Presets, materials, tools, draw freehand, creation
Sales 10+
Dev Fund Contributor
Published about 2 months ago
Blender Version 4.1
License GPL
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