Oh My Gear - Geometry Nodes Gear Generator

by DrDanon in Modifier Setups

None of gears generators available for purchase meets my expectations, so I made one myself.

Introducing the Procedural Generated Gear System for Blender, a powerful and versatile asset that allows you to quickly and easily create complex gear systems with customizable parameters.

With this asset, you can easily create gears of any size and number of teeth, and control their speed and rotation independently or in synchronization with other gears. You can also customize the gear materials and colors, and preview your gear system in real-time.

The Procedural Generated Gear System is perfect for creating animations, mechanical simulations, and design visualizations. It is fully procedural, so you can easily make changes and updates to your gear system without having to start from scratch.


  • Create gears with customizable size, number of teeth, and materials

  • Control the speed and rotation of individual gears or entire gear systems

  • Synchronize the speed and rotation of multiple gears

  • Real-time preview of your gear system

  • Fully procedural, so you can easily make changes and updates

    • Proxy for better performance

Get the Procedural Generated Gear System for Blender now and add dynamic and realistic gear systems to your projects!

To keep the system synchronized, you have to keep the same SPEED* and TEETH DEPTH* value across the entire system.

  • You can select all gears in the system and use Alt + click on the speed parameter to change it for all of the gears at once.

  • Alternatively, you can create a new Gear node instance for each system.

  • Or, you can use the provided global control in the Geometry node tree.

Have fun ;)

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