Obrira Goggles Realistic Low Poly

by petrohands-designs in Models


- [ USAGE ]
- A low-poly triangulated 3d model that can used for games,VR,AR
- i also have a super realistic,high res, high poly of it on my store
- a packed .blend file including  4k hdri,camera,textures and settings....just extract then open then hit render and you'll get the first render photo
- .fbx, .obj, .stl, .collada formates
- General PBR metalrough   including   [BaseColor, Normal, Metallic, Roughness and Ambient Occlusion]
- Unity 5 stabdard metallic  including  [AlbedoTransparency, Normal, MetallicSmoothness, Emission]
- unreal engine 4 (packed)  including  [BaseColor, OcclusionRoughnessMetallic, normal,  Emissive]
- you can ask for an other texture maps or formates or resolution (1-8k)
- every single mesh/texture formate is in separate RAR for easy usage and appropriately named  

- No subdivision
- tris: 8588
- Vertices: 4480
- the texture are in 1k and you can ask for other resolution [1-8k].
- all textures are in .png formate and you can ask for other formate.
- you can ask for any other maps. 

- Clean and optimized topology is used for maximum polygon efficiency,only tris , no [n-ngons ,double faces, flipped faces, overlapping faces, inverted normals or stray vertices].
- All preview images are raw renders without any post production or editing and rendered using cycles renderer of blender 2.8
- All the uvs are mirrored (ovelapping)
- Model is built to real-world scale
- Model Dimensions: .018m x 018m x .05m
- This model contains 6 objects with one UV-map, collected in one group
- All  objects and textures  are named appropriately
- No third-party renderer or plug-ins
- Normal map was baked from a high poly model to provide great detail while minimizing the polygon count. Hand painted realistic textures created in substance painter
- Model unwrapped manually to make most efficient use of the UV space
- Object pivot points at 0,0,0
-  No cleaning up necessary, just drop your models into the scene and start rendering.
- If you have any questions or any change , please feel free to  contact me

Dev Fund Contributor
Published over 4 years ago
Blender Version 2.8
Render Engine Used Cycles
Misc Data UV'S Unwrapped, Low & High Resolution, Normal Mapped, Textured
License Royalty Free
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