Nude High Resolution Female Base Model, T-Pose

by Another World Studios in Models

Easy-to-Use Female Base Model

This nude 3D model of a young woman can serve as excellent reference for your own project, either as a base to build upon or as a source of inspiration for building your own unique characters. Why not use this model as an underlying base for sculpting clothing or fantasy/sci-fi gear, or turn her into a work of art not unlike what the ancient Greeks or Romans created?

Why choose our models?

Over the years we have specialized in the 3D scanning of people for high end visual effects in film or TV and video games. Some of our clients include Rockstar Games, Electronic Arts, Warner Brothers, Sony, Nike, etc.... The advantage of using a 3D scan as a base rather than a traditionally modeled character is the increased accuracy in the overall head and body shape and subtle curvatures which might otherwise go unnoticed or misinterpreted using reference photography. In addition there is the asymmetry which gives it a more natural and thus believable appearance.


This model is one of our high resolution meshes, consisting of approximately 50,000 polygons. The mesh is continuous and watertight, making it easy to customize, rig or even 3D print, depending on your needs. The head contains cavities for the eyes and inside of the mouth. The eyes consist of an exterior cornea and an interior eyeball with iris and pupil. All the materials are relatively basic, using a single subsurface shader for the skin, one transparent and refractive material for the corneas and another subsurface material for the eyeballs. Included texture maps for the skin shader are an 8K color map, 8K normal map and a 4K subsurface depth map. The eyes have one 1K color map for the iris and eyeball with hand-painted veins and discolorations. This model does not include the following: hair, eyebrows/lashes, teeth and tongue, a rig or genitalia.


Jan, that looks incredible. You do amazing work man! - Christian Back, Psyop Everything you made worked really well… thanks for the quality work!! - Linda Jackson, Brickyard VFX

  We are convinced that you will find this model a very helpful and time saving addition to your project. We put a lot of time and effort in making sure our products are of the utmost quality and as with all our work, nothing short of a production-grade asset. Enjoy and be sure to leave us a comment below! - Jan

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