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A creative tool to be more flexible in your lighting, bring more vividness to your scenes.

WHAT Not Important Studio has crafted this pack to infuse more vibrant reflections and sense of realism into your product renders and your other Blender scenes. The pack includes up to 50 distinct light shapers, elevating the realism of your renders.


Not Important Studio is deeply rooted in photography and filmmaking. Martin, the founder, has been a luxury and beauty photographer for 15 years before pivoting to 3D work around three years ago. Initially, he predominantly worked with the standard Blender lights, which often lacked the desired realism. In the physical studio, he yearned for cleaner lights, whereas, in his 3D settings, he wished for lights that appeared more lively and worn. This dichotomy led to the creation of the light pack.


We have meticulously photographed high dynamic range images of approximately 45 different light shapers from world-renowned brands such as Broncolor, Profoto, and Chimera. These were then transformed into emission-based lights, designed to cast beautiful reflections within your scenes. Not only do they provide immediate realism, but the shader-based lights have also been engineered for utmost flexibility


Lite Pack

Contains 10 essential lighting assets.Best For Beginners and hobbyists who are just getting started with 3D rendering and want to explore enhanced lighting options without getting overwhelmed. Price €14

Enhanced Single User Pack

Contains 25 diverse lighting assets, catering to a broader range of scenes and requirements.Best For Intermediate users and freelance professionals who need a wider range of lighting setups for various projects. Price €24

Ultimate Single User Pack

Contains 50+ premium lighting assets, complete with additional customization options and features.Best For Advanced users and professionals who are looking for comprehensive lighting solutions for high-end projects. Price €45

Ultimate Studio Multi Seater

Identical to the Ultimate Single User Pack but licensed for a studio environment, meaning it can be used by multiple individuals in the same workspace. Best For Studios and larger teams who require access to a rich set of lighting assets, ensuring consistency and quality across different workstations and projects. Price €119 



All the lights have layers this means you can choose what type of diffuser the light has. A high end softbox has the option to remove its front diffuser to get a different reflection and then remove its middle diffuser to be a more direct light source. By simply dragging a slider you can change the softbox into anything you would like.

Emission Strength
Here you can set the brightness of the shaper, be aware that the brighter you set this parameter the less detail you have.

Blur Amount
We love the blur function this really ties everything together. With this slider you simply blur the softbox. Maybe you find the softbox a little bit to harsh in its reflections and you want it to be more inbetween a normal area light and our lovely texture. Then this slider is your friend.

The gamma slider brings more contrast into the light we mainly use it in combination with the blur function

Color Sliders
To address color we made a temperature, tint and gel factor. Temperature is for the warm to cold tones this is in proper kelvin values. Tint color is the shift from green to magenta. The gel factor and color is to make your light into any color you would like.


It doesn't sound like a big deal but for us it really is. You can rotate the lights on a shader level, why bother!! you might ask? Well when we build scenes sometimes the lights have a track to constraint which makes them alway point to the product in our scene this helps allot with always keeping the light on your object when you move it around or when you move the light around. The problem with this is that with this constraint your normal rotation doesnt work anymore the shader rotation does work all the time so you can make that pixel perfect decision. 

Future Development

We designed the pack to be as complete as possible, to have many choices in lightshapers and always have flexibility in mind but its probably far from perfect (thats kinda the point) If we get feedback to make it better we try to implement that ofcourse. Also if we find interesting lightshapers we will make sure to add them for free to the right packs.

What is the pack meant for
A great creative tool to be more flexible in your lighting packs. And bring more vividness to your scenes.

What is it NOT
For many reasons the light output level (amount of light) is not realistic, it doesnt follow a correct wattage or lumen. If you want that this is not for you.

Each asset is photographed with the highest possible quality all images are made with a 100MP medium format camera with high quality glass work. We photographed them in a bracket of 9 images to get a wide range in exposure. We decided to manually create a more HDR image out of these image per set meaning that we mainly pushed highlights back to more manageable levels. From there we created PNG’s with alpha channels in hour tests this was a high enough quality without becoming to large. Depending on the lights of the lightshaper the textures are either 8K, 6K, 4K and 2K

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