Northern Europe Nature Pack

by Mika Kettunen in Models

Northern Europe Nature Pack is a compact pack of different type of 3D assets for creating natural environments and even a small forest. Trees, shrubs, grass, flowers, twigs, textures and more. Every asset uses Cycles Principled BSDF shader and comes with diffuse/albedo, roughness, and normal maps. The nature pack comes with compatible versions for the new Blender 2.8 (EEVEE). The assets are pretty light to render with Cycles, but they are not suitable for real time use(Game engines) without a modification.

-Easy to use. Just link/append the assets into your scene and you’re ready to hit render!

-Comes with ParticleSystems for trees, twigs, flowers, grass, ground plates with alpha (like dead leaves) etc.

Artworks "Mushrooms" (Featured in and "Cabin at Midsummer" are made by using the assets from this pack. (these two scenes are not included in the pack).


Update v1.2 8/2019

New models added:

+ 4 new birch tree models

+ improved spruce trees with 2 new ones added.

+ 3 Scots pine trees added

+ 2 new models of Boletaceae - Leccinum versipelle mushrooms

+ White Clover Flowers

+ Hay

+ EXTRA Lantern 3D model


This Lantern_Scene is made with the assets from this pack and this whole scene is included! 


Birch tree, Rowan, Willow (Summer/Autumn versions)

Spruce pine tree, Scots pine tree

Bushes and shrubs:

Ferns, Raspberry plant, Spiraea Grefsheim shrub, Aronia mitschurinii

Grass and flowers:

Grass, Dandelion, Oxeye-Daisy, Greater plantain, Clover, Willowherb


Textures, dead leaves, sticks, pines

Heather and twigs:

Blueberry twigs Lingonberry twig, Heather twigs


Mushrooms, tree trunk, wooden cabin, Lantern

See the complete list of the assets in the Documentation tab.