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Node Vision is a Blender addon designed to enhance the user experience within the Node Editor. It provides dynamic highlighting of nodes and their connections, helping users visualize the flow and dependencies within their node setups. This documentation outlines the installation process, features, and usage instructions to help you integrate Node Vision into your Blender workflow effectively.


  1. Download the Add-on:
  • Obtain the Node Vision add-on file ( from your order downloads/library.
  1. Install in Blender:
  • Open Blender and go to Edit > Preferences.
  • Navigate to the Add-ons section.
  • Click Install and browse to the location of the downloaded file.
  • Select the file and click Install Add-on.
  • Enable the add-on by ticking the checkbox next to its name.


  • Dynamic Highlighting: Hover over nodes to see their connections highlighted, providing a clear visual representation of the node network.
  • Line Width Customization: Adjust the thickness of the highlight lines to suit your preference, enhancing visibility according to your needs.
  • Auto-selection: Enable the "Auto-select" option to automatically select nodes as you hover over them, streamlining workflow and interaction within complex node trees.
  • Quick Deactivation: Use the ESC key to quickly turn off highlighting without navigating through any menus.


Activating Node Vision:

  • Once installed, open a project and switch to the Node Editor.
  • Find the NodeVision button in the header.
  • Click the button to activate Node Vision. The icon will change, indicating that the highlighting is now enabled.

Navigating Nodes:

  • Simply hover over any node to see its connections highlighted.
  • The connections to and from the hovered node will be visually emphasized, making it easier to trace their paths.

Adjusting Line Width:

  • Click on the settings icon (next to the NodeVision toggle) to open the settings popover.
  • Use the Line Width slider to adjust the thickness of the highlight lines.

    Toggle Auto-selection:

    • In the same settings popover, toggle the "Auto-select" option to enable or disable automatic selection of nodes as you hover over them.

    Disabling Node Vision:

    • Press the ESC key while in the Node Editor to quickly turn off the highlighting.

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