Nodevember Shaderpack: 30 Cool Files That Only Use Primitive Shapes!

by 1oodrips in Surfacing

Get all of the files i've made for Nodevember in 2019!

Use them for educational purposes or use the shaders in your own projects.

All of them only use a primitive shape (plane, cube or sphere).

Some of them use an adaptive subdivision modifier to get the displacement working.

The rest ist done only with shader- and compositing-nodes!

Many files are animated!

Some cool things that are included:

  • hexagonal nodegroup
  • snowflake-generator
  • greeble shader based on displacement
  • 2D-animations made only with a shader on a single plane
  • 3D-animations based on vectordisplacement and volumetrics
  • highly adjustable weave-pattern with tilable distortion
  • animated hologram shader
  • and much more!

Works with vanilla Blender 2.81. No addons needed.

Warning! No documentation included!

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Published over 4 years ago
Blender Version 2.81
License Royalty Free
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