Nodescapes | Node Based Terrain Addon

by True-VFX in Addons

You can find a liver edited version of the documentation HERE

There is a PDF, ODT and RTF file in the downloads folder of the addon once you've purchased it. 

Please be aware, as this is a BETA, updates may break previous versions (like presets made in v0.5 may not work in v 0.5.1 for example) you are buying this at the risk this may be the case. 



  • Auto-updates should be much more consistent
  • Switched auto-preview from ctrl-shift-right click to ctrl-shift-left click
  • Invalid/incompatible node links are rejected or turn red after execution depending upon preference setting
  • Hydraulic Erosion at least 1000x faster
  • Thermal Erosion at least 200x faster
  • Smooth node at least 2x faster
  • Noise node at least 2x faster
  • New mask nodes: Camera, Normal, and Slope
  • Added "Repeat Edge" to Image extensions menu.
  • Vertex Color creation from the Master Ouput is much faster.
  • Vertex Weight map creation now works from the Master Output
  • Added Snippets
  • Added a Preset/Snippets fixer for if updates break presets/snippets
  • Smooth no longer triggers a full node tree update.
  • Added an Execute button in the NodeScapes header
  • You can now export multiple presets and snippets instead of 1 at a time
  • Nodes will now show you if they error and what the error is if you have debug turned on in the preferences. You can also choose the color of the node when it errors
  • Match Ratio for images - matches the plane's x/y ratio to the selected image's ratio
  • Noise rotation
  • Simplify Hydraulic Erosion node UI by hiding advanced properties under dropdown.
  • Refresh Node button in Item>Properties panel (helps with existing node trees after update)
  • Refresh all button in preferences (see above)
  • Auto Refresh for presets/snippets is now out of the dropdown menu
  • Help Panel gives easy access to NodeScapes tutorials, documentation, bug reporting, and discord chatting!
  • Math node now has different inputs other than value 1/2/3 depending on the setting
  • Hydraulic erosion "bell curve" no longer needed
  • New option in preferences for ignoring Fac inputs when auto connecting nodes (F hotkey, drag and dropping over an existing link, alt+click+dragging a node to disconnect)


  • Hydraulic Erosion spelling error
  • Noise node will now show correct Noise Base as a label with type is set to "noise"
  • Curve Node curve saving is now more consistent and stable
  • Fixed problem where previewing the curve node changed the mesh incorrectly and randomly every time clicked
  • Hard input now triggers an update
  • Power setting in the Math node gives correct results on non-integer numbers
  • Image Extension method Clip now works in both the x and y directions
  • Erosion no longer creates random spikes in lines when the object size is not a square
  • Image node no longer tries to save image file path for presets/snippets. Caused errors when sharing
  • Object node now saves UV and Smooth properties (toggle setting) for presets/snippets
  • Math node no longer ignores clamping when Fac is set to 1.0 and unlinked
  • When alt dragging a linked up node the nodes before and after will now reconnect instead of just completely removing the links


  • Fixed for 2.93
  • various bug fixes

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Published over 3 years ago
Blender Version 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3
Render Engine Used cycles, eevee
License GPL
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