Nodee: Dust

by Jakob in Modifier Setups





Blender 4.0

How to install?

After downloading NodeeDust.blend file, inside Blender go to edit > preferences

Under the File Paths tab go on the bottom  and create a new Asset Library. Choose name and file path on your disk, and after that put NodeeDust.blend inside of that folder

Then you can open Asset Browser panel

1. NODEE Dust

Small Curves - add small dust curves

Density Small Curves - density of small dust particles curves

Scale Small Curves - scale of small dust particles curves

Range Small Curves - range of small dust curves base on face normal

Radius Small Curves - radius of small dust curves

Big Curves - add big dust curves

Scale Big Curvesscale of big dust particles curves

Density Big Curves density of big dust particles curves

Range Big Curves range of big dust curves base on face normal

Radius Big Curves radius of big dust curves

Dust Elements - adding small dust particles to mesh

Dust Elements Range - range of dust particles base on face normal

Scale Dust Elements - scale of dust particles

Density Dust Elements - density of dust particles

Big Curves Extra - adding extra big curves not effected by face normals

Big Curves Extra Density - density of extra curves

AO Dust (computing expensive!) - adding extra dust layer base on Ambient Occlusion

VDB (true) or Subdivision - chosing method of creating more detailed geometry for creating ambient occlusion attribute

Subdivision Level - level of subdivisions (if Subdivisions chosen)

Simple (true) or Catmull-Clark - subdivision type (if Subdivisions chosen)

Voxel Amount (for VDB) - voxel resolution (if VDV chosen)

Density AO Dust Elements - Density of Dust Partices on Ambient Occluded area

Scale AO Dust Elements Scale of Dust Partices on Ambient Occluded area

Density AO Small Curves Density of Dust Curves on Ambient Occluded area

Scale AO Small Curves Scale of Dust Curves on Ambient Occluded area

Radius AO Small Curves Radius of Dust Curves on Ambient Occluded area 

Delete AO Seed - Delete Dust on Ambient Occluded area base on noise texture

Delete AO Range - Intensity of deleting dust

Delete Noise Seed - Seed of noise

Delete Noise Range Delete Dust base on noise texture

Delete Big Curves Seed Seed of noise

Delete Big Curves Range - Delete big curves base on noise texture

Viewport Visibility - amount of particles displayed in viewport (not affecting render)

Seed - random seed

Curves Profile Resolution - resolution of profile curves

Curves Resolution - resolution of curves

 2. NODEE Dust Material

Dust Strength- Strength of dust effect

Dust Range- Range of dust base on face normal

Seed - random seed

Delete Dust Noise Scale - scale of noise

Delete Dust Range Min - noise range min
Delete Dust Range Max - noise range max

Fresnel Range Minfresnel range control

Fresnel Range Max - fresnel range control

Fresnel Strength - fresnel effect multiplier

Sheen - sheen effect amount

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