Node Labeler Add-On

by Blender Bash in Addons

Node Labeler is an addon for Blender that allows you to change the labels of your Geometry nodes easier and much faster.

You get 4 different tools. You access them with shortcut keys that you set inside the preferences.

1. Automatically label your selected nodes. Just select the nodes (or Reroutes) and press the shortcut key ("Y" is the default key). The nodes will be labeled like the socket from wihch the connection is coming.

2. Manually label Your nodes. Press the shortcut key (Ctrl + Y is the default) and a popup will appear that will allow you to label the node

3. Batch clear labels of all selected nodes. Press the shortcut key (Ctrl + Shift + Y is the default) and it will remove the labels off all selected nodes and Reroutes

4. Extrude Reroutes from Sockects of a selected node. Press the shortcut key (Ctrl + E is the default) and create a reroute for every output socket. * This is a Node Wrangler Operator so it wont work if node Wrangler is disabled. The reason it's part of this addon is because Node Wrangler doesn't allow you to set a custom shortcut key and its default one is not very inuiting IMHO.

Sales 10+
Published 12 months ago
Blender Version 3.4
License GPL
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