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"When I found out that the default Blender NLA Bake didn't bake Rigify IK/FK switch or custom properties at all, I really wish that someone created an addon to do just that. That's why I created NLA Tools"

NLA Tools adds features to help ease and speed up workflows with the NLA Editor.

This addon helps especially with baking animations on rigs that use custom properties to drive IK/FK switch since the default Blender NLA Bake doesn't bake custom properties but only Location, Rotation and Scale values. This helps a lot on workflows that relies on layered animations.

It also adds a restrict bake mode that tries to keep user inserted keyframes when baking.

NLA Tools is designed specifically around the Blender NLA Editor.

This addon is also available for free on Gumroad.

Content :

  • Bake operator :
    • Bake custom properties of bones (ex : Rigify IK/FK switch)
    • Restrict Bake
  • Blend operator for NLA strips (Shift click to add default NLA blend)
  • Delete Locked Properties : Delete keyframes of locked properties for selected NLA Clips
  • X-Mirror NLA Strip
  • Link Selected NLA Strips Action to Active NLA Strip Action
  • Extract Bones from NLA Strips

Experimental :

  • Match NLA Strip (ex : Apply "Root Motion")

Use case :

An example :

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Published about 2 years ago
Blender Version 3.6
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