New Way Of Texture Painting Game Assets In Blender 3.6

by ArtStudio in Training

Welcome to our new course about Modeling and Texture Painting in Blender!

I am Morteza from artstudio313. net

In this course, we will go on an attractive journey together to Step by step learn the Blender. We start from the interface overview until we reach the modeling and finally Texture Painting in Blender. I will take you through the low poly modeling and most important thing that we are going to Focus on, is the texture painting in Blender. I used graphic Tablet for texture painting but it will work with mouse as well but recommend using a graphic tablet.

This Course starts from learning fundamental of Blender and goes up to modeling and texture painting.

UV Unwrapping

Next, we learn how to UV Unwrap those three models. You learn a lot about unwrapping such as mark seams and what they are and what they do and where should we add them how to unwrap hole model into on UV map.

 Now we are ready to move into the shading tab. You learn how to create image texture and apply it to the model and prepare everything for Texture Painting tab. 

In this tab, I tried to teach you the necessary tools for Texture Painting. 

You will learn:

Modeling / low-poly

UV unwrapping in a very fast and easy and clever method

Where to place mark seams

What is bleed & what is used for 

Brush setting and how to Paint the AO, shadow highlights

Texture paints the cuts and holes

Use your own brush and pain in a professional way

Texture painting problem solving like flipped normal

If you learn these parts, then you are ready to paint over any model in Blender.

 We paint the models one by one, and each one has only one texture, which is ready to be used in game engine.

I hope you learn a lot from this trip journey :)

Published 6 months ago
Blender Version 4.0, 3.6, 3.5
License Royalty Free
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