Nebula: Learn Volumes, Geonodes & More (Eevee/Cycles)

by Creative Shrimp in Training

Dive into the extraordinary world of 3D nebulae with the ultimate Blender video course for nebulae! 

Unlock the secrets to rendering visually stunning, fully volumetric nebulae that will elevate your digital creations to new heights.
UPDATE 1.1: Now includes complete bonus Eevee section!
UPDATE 1.2: Now includes complete bonus Star Field section!

After watching this course you'll be very familiar with Blender's volume shaders and the basics of geometry nodes: the procedural methods for creating interstellar clouds in Blender. All you need to render jaw-dropping 3D nebulae. 

A NOTE! Oh, you will also need at least a mid-range GPU (such as GTX 1080 or Apple M1 Max) as it's a minimal requirement to get a comfortable experience with the Cycles volumetrics.


* A premium 8-hour+ video course on creating awe-inspiring 3D nebulae in Blender (digital download)

* Learn the essentials of volume shaders and procedural noises in Cycles and Eevee

* Get to know the Geometry Nodes point cloud workflow and more

* The Nebulae Archives: 40+ extra demos and all the project files

* Closed Captions (English) manually edited 


Gleb Alexandrov and Aidy Burrows released a critically-acclaimed Space VFX course in 2016; At the Blender Conference 2019 Gleb gave a well-received talk on rendering 3D nebulae and with the addition of several years more experimentation you now have the opportunity to access this wealth of experience condensed into a comprehensive video course.


The Cycles workflow features path-tracing, achieving an unprecedented realism for rendering volumetric space art that is crispy and high-definition.


Eevee unlocks a whole new dimension to our universe and especially for your nebulae, offering blazing-fast rendering and multi-light capabilities at no extra performance cost.


Path-traced volume shaders have never been a breeze to render, in any software. So, at least a mid-range GPU is required.

Not sure what is mid-range? Find your GPU on this list here. You will get a great experience if your GPU is scoring somewhere around 2500 and up. We also tested on as low as 590 but wouldn't recommend any lower than that.

Recommended Score: 2882.44 e.g. NVIDIA GeForce RXT 2080 Ti

Minimum Score 590.25 e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080

Apple example: Score 929 e.g. M1 Max (32 cores)


It would definitely help to have some familiarity with Blender's interface and navigation as this isn't a course for absolute beginners. The course is mostly procedural focused so very little modeling knowledge is required.

Note : To help newer users most keypresses will be shown in the corner of the screen and many important hotkeys will be highlighted and called out.


* The Nebulae Archives: many demos and .blend files to kickstart your nebulae designs

* The Project Files for all tutorials and the Extras

* A student’s chat as well as a dedicated support channel on Discord for the course owners

* SuperNoise™ - the enhanced Fractal Brownian Motion noise texture 

* Update 1.1 : Eevee Nebulae

* Update 1.2 (NEW): Star Fields

30-day Money Back Guarantee

We're confident you'll love the course, though should there be any issues please rest assured there is a 30 day money back guarantee!


"Volumetric magic explained! Starting from basic settings and diving deeper into complex visuals makes this course suitable for everyone - beginners or advanced artists. If you're a night sky lover and want to create *stellar* nebulae renders, this course is an absolute 5/5 stars!"

  Ewa Wierbik-Ziąbka, Senior 3D Artist

"All I could think was how much time and pain this tutorial would have saved me when I was figuring this stuff out. It's a great resource for creating a 3D nebula in Blender."

  Tim Barton, Space Art Specialist

"Having learned from Gleb's work for years, I think it’s safe to say that this series is his best yet. It is unafraid of putting artistry over scientific accuracy, but not in a way that detracts from the beauty and technical goodness of the nebulae this series will teach you to create."

  Serin Jameson, 3D Artist

"This course isn't just about understanding how the shader works; it also delves into the what and why, exploring composition, animation, color, and structure to guide us through the entire creative process in a truly enjoyable way."

  Hans Chiu, 3D Artist

"As usual, Gleb and Aidy have managed to take a very daunting subject and break it down into something anyone can understand and enjoy." 

  Bill "BlenderBrit" Barber, CG Artist and Tutor

"This course is a gold mine for all the space lovers in the CG community. There are plenty of great techniques here that really highlight the depth of Gleb and Aidy's passion for Nebulae. This is the culmination of the years of their research, and it delivers brilliantly."

    Samuel Krug, Environment Artist

"Gleb explains the concepts behind generating procedural noise and then how to tame its natural wildness into something that can be art directed effectively. What used to take tens of thousands of dollars in software and computer hardware can now be made by individuals with average computers thanks to this training series."

  Brent Patterson, Professor of Art & Design, SUNY Buffalo State University

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