Nature Assets: Rocks

by PlanetBlender in Models

A Huge Time saver

Be more productive and have more fun working in blender by skipping the boring part of modeling rocks for your scenes. With Just a few clicks you can add beautiful looking stones to your image and spend your time and energy to work on your creative ideas.

High Quality And Affordable

We worked very hard to achieve high quality at an affordable price. In this asset pack you wont just get a huge number 3D models, the rocks have some additional features which makes them even more valuable.

Eight Amazing Materials

All materials come in a 1K, 2K and 6K resolution, 1K and 2K can be used in particle systems, the6K is perfect for close ups.

More Realistic Particle Systems

All rocks come in two versions each with a different origin point position. In one group the origin point is on the bottom of the rocks, in the other group, which is marked with a "OC" (Origin Center) in its name, the origin point is in the center of the rocks. The big difference between them is the distribution of the rocks when used in a particle system. If you use the first group the rocks will be laying on the ground and if you use the "OC" group the rocks will be half buried, which is far more common in nature.

Variable Materials

All Materials are built to slightly change for each rock.

Dust And Dirt

Thanks to a Dust Node it is possible to add some dust or dirt to the rocks, a rather small feature but in some occasions it did help me to add some more detail to my image.


- 20 different 3D models

- 8 materials

- 1K version only

- Super low poly

- Perfect for huge particle systems

- Normal and OC group

Smooth Rocks

- 15 different 3D models

- 4 materials

- 1K, 2K, 6K version

- Mid poly

- Perfect for particle systems and close ups

- Normal and OC group

Sharp Rocks

- 19 different 3D models

- 6 materials

- 1K, 2K, 6K version

- Mid poly

- Perfect for particle systems and close ups

- Normal and OC group

With everything combined there are more then 1300 rocks in this assets pack.

Buy Now Get All Updates For Free

We are planning to add so much more to this assets, boulders, cliffs, photoscanned rocks, more materials and and and.... With every update the price will increase but if you buy now you will get all updates for free. Don't wait until the price rises, the best time to buy this assets is now.

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Blender Version 2.79
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