Natural Lighting

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I've updated to a newer version and I don't see the new features or lamps in the asset browser

Please make sure to replace all the files in the folder, including blend files.

My render sequence came out with a static lighting instead of animated

This is a bug in Blender 3.0 when using Persistent Data and it is fixed on later versions!

Blender 3.0 can still be used as long as the Persistent Data option is disabled in the Performance tab in render properties.

Does Natural Lighting use a lot of memory?

Not at all! Each Natural Lighting light uses only about 8MB of memory.

Can I use Natural Lighting in Blender 2.93?

Blender versions older than 3.0 do not have an asset browser, however you can still make use of Natural Lighting by appending Lamp objects from the asset file.

Start by clicking the File / Append menu option

Navigate to your Natural Lighting asset folder and double click on Natural Lighting.blend

Double click on Object

Double click on one of the Natural Lighting objects recognizable by ending with a number, IE:

The Natural Lighting asset will automatically load together with it's interface in the properties panel

Will Natural Lighting work in Eevee?

Maybe in the future but not at the moment.

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