N-Gone Pro - 1 Click Asset Optimization (Blender Add On)

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N-Gone Pro is a Workflow tool for optimizing your N-Gon based 3D Objects.
Designed to help ease the pain of optimizing Cad and Boolean based N-Gon meshes to ready them for Texturing Software, it now has now grown to include many more quality of life features with the overall goal being that in a majority of scenarios all of your pre-export optimization can be done with just this add-on.
If you want to optimize your N-Gon and Quad Meshes for Export In a quick and effective way then N-Gone Pro offers a way to achieve this maintaining a balance between Speed and Quality.

The Pro Version is the Ultimate version and allows for:
- Batch Creation of High and Low Poly Objects Optimized for Export in One Click
- Manage Naming Conventions for Texture Baking in other software In a single click (Substance, Marmoset Tool Bag, InstaMAT Studio)

- Batch Merge Vertices on all Selected Objects in Object Mode in One Click
- Batch Rotate All Selected Objects
- Smart UV Unwrap or Cube Project Selected Objects from within Object Mode.
- Edit Vertex Color Attribute on Multiple Selected Objects or Individual Faces with a single click
- Convert Color Attributes in one click with out having to dig through object properties

- Easy Remesh Panel ~ High Poly Optimizer for Sculpts and Photo Scans
The Pro Version Gives all the Tools and is regularly updated with new features and Improvements

The Basic Version Is to Serve as a Demo of the Functionality and it has these features:
- Creation of High and Low Poly Objects Optimized for Export in One Click
- Manage Naming Conventions for Texture Baking
- Everything Else


Change Log:

Change Log N-Gone Pro 1.4
Note: If using N-Gone Pro 1.4 is only supported 4.0 and up some aspects are reliant on newer features of Blender, if using an earlier version of  e.g. Blender 3.5 etc please use an older version of Ngone-Pro.

1. “One Click Low Poly” Button Added: its now we have a one click optimizer again!!!
              Executes Create Low poly and Smart UV Unwrap and Pack all at once.
2. Up dated Versatility of Renaming,

 - you can now rename all selected objects instead of one at a time

- Renaming High or Low no longer refers to the text in the box and will not infinitely add New suffix’ to the Object
3. Smart UV Unwrap renamed to Unwrap Combine and Pack now automatically packs your UVs using the blender internal packer with some optimized settings.
4. Removed the Easy Remesh Panel Entirely if you want to continue to use this you can find it on earlier versions and should work well with N-Gone Pro versions 1.37 and lower and blender versions prior to 3.5.1 to 4.0, ultimately there are better ways to do this and it doesn’t really fit in with the addon

5. Bug Fixes:

-  Removing Modifiers and Backups button now destroys the HIGH and LOW Collections preventing a bug which wouldn’t allow you to create low or high poly again unless you manually removed the collection.

Change Log: N-Gone Pro 1.37

Checked Compatibility for Blender 4.1 Beta
1. Added New Tools for adding Vertex Color Attributes on the basis of Selected Objects or Selected Faces greatly speeding up the ability to get you mesh optimized and into texturing software.
2. UI tidy up:
     a. changed the Wire frame Button from a check box to a toggle
     b. made "greyed out" Boxes in Object mode consistent have consistent design so the UI is less cluttered looking between modes.


Change log: N-Gone Pro 1.36

New Tools for Refining Lowpoly Meshes:
Detail Tools

A selection of new Tools that all reduce the time spent refining your low poly and overall give you better control and visual feedback while doing so.
 1.Wireframe: Toggles Wire Frame Overlay so you don’t have to dig for it in the overlay’s menu, so you can have live feedback on the level of detail of your model
2.Detail: Slider For decimation ratio of active object
3.Paste Detail: Pastes value in the Detail Slider to selected objects, without effecting other modifiers in the stack.
4.Exclude Faces From Decimation: In Edit Mode it will Create a vertex group to exclude faces from the Decimate Modifier in the stack, handy for maintain detail in certain areas.
5.Remove Excluded Faces: Deletes the Vertex Group made with the previous button so you can start again.

Updated UI Layout:

6.Rearranged the order of tools in the Panel and added clearly labelled groups to follow the typical order of operations,
Updated some tool tip descriptions to be clearer.

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Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4
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