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The MultiViewer node

Two nodes already market as asset are available on the file. To use them, just put the file in your asset librairies
• The first (and main) node is called Multiviewer. It is a node which gives the possibility to create in the viewport a table containing up to ten numerical fields. This makes it possible to have a look on several calculation steps simultaneously (those performed in the geometry node Editor).
• The second node is allows to create up to 10 different fields of random values

MultiViewer :

• Columns : number of columns to be displayed
• row : number of rows to be displayed
• Col. Label : (string) label of the columns
• Geometry : to be linked with the geometry
• Index : to unroll the rows
• Fields : to be linked with the different fields
• decimal : number of decimal to be displayed. Note that decimal = 0 gives binary value (i.e. 0 or 1)
• gap bet. col. : distance between the columns

Field of random numbers :

• Geometry : to be linked with the geometry
• Fields : fields of random values
• number of field : number of field to be generated (up to 10)
• nb values per field : number of rows

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Blender Version 3.3, 3.4
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