Moving Heads Gn - Stage Lights Made Easier

by Andrea Verri in Modifier Setups

Proud to introduce a cool lighting tool for Blender. Based on geometry nodes let you animate multiple motorized head with many parameters.
Build your light show in Blender for events or stage design with custom colors, gobos and volumetric lighting.

Due to a limitation of EEVEE this tool work only with Cycles and is optimized to reduce render time using only one light source instanced.

I’m an event and stage designer, and I spent a lot of time trying to put on stage motorized head with light sources to give a realistic look to my renders. Then I’ve decided to spent my time on a tool based on Geometry nodes to do all the work for me. And here we are with a simple and intuitive tool to improve your renders or your animation.

Cycles is a great rendering engine, but something goes wrong with volumetric lighting. If you put a volumetric scatter in your renders you can notice that are too dark, like a black fog in darken areas.
SELECTIVE VOLUMETRIC CONES generated dynamically can help you to obtain bright renders.
This solution help render times and avoid dark scenes. Please note that is a workaround and sometimes you may have some artifacts. Work only with dark scenes like interior with no other light sources. If you need other lights you must disable the visibility in volumes. In other way you will see my volumetric cones.
With volumetric lighting you must use many samples with huge render times.

See the video tutorial with all instruction to use it.

I hope you enjoy this product and thanks for rating it.

Dev Fund Contributor
Published 3 months ago
Blender Version 4.0, 3.6
License Royalty Free
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