Mountain Road Generator

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Answers to customer feedback.

feedback1Completely not modular. You can use it only with meshes that the geo does offer. Every time you have too add all of the nodes structures to your project. You cant use it like a modular curve that you extrude in your current project.

Ans: It is modular. It supports not only curves, but you can also generate road structures with Plane and Edges. you can even generate random road structures. 

In the package, the default mode is "Random Road Structure". This would be probably a confusion to you. You thought that it could generate only a random structure. but it is not true. please follow these simple steps for Moduler Curve.

  • Add "Main Curve for Road", geometry node modifier, to your curve
  • In the package, the geometry node of "Road Generator" object. Set the value of "curve object" parameter as your curve

For further clarification, please watch these video clips for modular curves.
Modular Curve (Part 1)

Modular Curve (Part 2)

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Comparison with Combo Road Generator.

Demo Videos

Product Features.

Check Boxes to build road structure easily.

Adjust road width by just providing the number of lanes

Roundabout Customization.

Generate Mountains with the road placement.

Good topology, and control of the Resolution of road structure and landscape.

Control the shape of the divider. 

Generate road structure with Curves (Splines)

Generate the road structure with Edges.

Generate the road structure with the plane.

Generate the road structure with the random path.

Good road Materials.

Rendered Images

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Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6
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