Motion Presets For Blender

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Elevate your Blender animations in seconds with pre-built motion presets! Perfect for animators, video editors, and anyone who wants to add dynamic movement.

  • One Click Animation

  • Animate Multiple meshes at once

  • Delta Keyframes used (non-destructive)

  • Ready to use 104 Motion Presets

  • Mix and Match presets to create new animations

  • Relative Keyframe support

  • Works with any text, mesh and curve

  • Saves Time and Effort

  • Uses Python

  • Shaded Monkey mesh from poster

  • PDF and Video Training Tutorial available

  • For beginner and Advanced users

  • For Personal and Commercial use

  • All Future updates are free

  • 30 Day Refund Guarantee

  • Quick Support

  • Multi-Platform Support: (macOS, Linux, Windows)

  • About me

  • In Conclusion

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What are Motion Presets?

Motion Presets leverage Python scripts to pre-animate your scenes. These scripts set keyframes and handle positions to achieve specific animation effects. It provides an easy way to add dynamic motion to your Blender projects. 

With Motion Presets for Blender, you can quickly add professional-looking animations to your scenes, saving you time and effort over creating them from scratch.

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Backstory behind this product

The Animation Struggle

Animating in Blender has always been powerful, but for beginners and even seasoned users, it could be a time-consuming process. Manually crafting every movement frame by frame, especially for repetitive tasks, took away valuable time from focusing on the creative aspects of the animation.

Enter Motion Presets for Blender

These pre-built animation templates provided a library of common movements, transitions, and effects that could be easily applied to objects and scenes. This streamlined workflow allowed users to:

  • Save Time: Quickly add professional-looking animations without the need for frame-by-frame creation.

  • Boost Creativity: Focus on the storytelling and overall visual style, experimenting with different presets to enhance their animations.

  • Break Down Barriers: Opened the door for new users who might have been intimidated by the animation tools in Blender. Motion Presets offered a user-friendly way to incorporate dynamic elements into their projects.

Motion Presets became an essential toolbox for:

  • Motion Graphics Artists: Effortlessly add dynamic animations to their projects, creating engaging explainer videos, social media content, and more.

  • 3D Generalists: Save time on repetitive animation tasks and focus on the bigger picture of their projects.

  • Content Creators: Elevate their videos and presentations with professional-looking animations without requiring extensive animation experience.

With Motion Presets, Blender became an even more versatile tool for creating stunning and dynamic animations, empowering users to bring their creative visions to life with greater efficiency.

104 Motion Presets ready to use :

Input Animations:

Pop In - Bezier - All Axis, Pop In - Bezier - X Axis, Pop In - Bezier - Y Axis, Pop In - Bezier - Z Axis, Pop In - Vector - All Axis, Pop In - Vector - X Axis, Pop In - Vector - Y Axis, Pop In - Vector - Z Axis, Pop In - Constant - All Axis, Pop In - Flicker - All Axis, Pop In and Spin - Bezier - X Axis, Pop In and Spin - Bezier - Y Axis, Pop In and Spin - Bezier - Z Axis, Pop In and Spin - Vector - X Axis, Pop In and Spin - Vector - Y Axis, Pop In and Spin - Vector - Z Axis, Pop In and Move - Bezier - X Axis, Pop In and Move - Bezier - Y Axis, Pop In and Move - Bezier - Z Axis, Pop In and Move - Vector - X Axis, Pop In and Move - Vector - Y Axis, Pop In and Move - Vector - Z Axis, Pop In, Move and Spin - Bezier - X Axis, Pop In, Move and Spin - Bezier - Y Axis, Pop In, Move and Spin - Bezier - Z Axis, Pop In, Move and Spin - Vector - X Axis, Pop In, Move and Spin - Vector - Y Axis, Pop In, Move and Spin - Vector - Z Axis.

A small sample preview:

Output Animations:

Pop Out - Bezier - All Axis, Pop Out - Bezier - X Axis, Pop Out - Bezier - Y Axis, Pop Out - Bezier - Z Axis, Pop Out - Vector - All Axis, Pop Out - Vector - X Axis, Pop Out - Vector - Y Axis, Pop Out - Vector - Z Axis, Pop Out - Constant - All Axis, Pop Out - Flicker - All Axis, Pop Out and Spin - Bezier - X Axis, Pop Out and Spin - Bezier - Y Axis, Pop Out and Spin - Bezier - Z Axis, Pop Out and Spin - Vector - X Axis, Pop Out and Spin - Vector - Y Axis, Pop Out and Spin - Vector - Z Axis, Pop Out and Move - Bezier - X Axis, Pop Out and Move - Bezier - Y Axis, Pop Out and Move - Bezier - Z Axis, Pop Out and Move - Vector - X Axis, Pop Out and Move - Vector - Y Axis, Pop Out and Move - Vector - Z Axis, Pop Out, Move and Spin - Bezier - X Axis, Pop Out, Move and Spin - Bezier - Y Axis, Pop Out, Move and Spin - Bezier - Z Axis, Pop Out, Move and Spin - Vector - X Axis, Pop Out, Move and Spin - Vector - Y Axis, Pop Out, Move and Spin - Vector - Z Axis.

A small sample preview:

Other Animations:

Turntable X Bezier, Turntable Y Bezier, Turntable Z Bezier, Turntable X Vector, Turntable Y Vector, Turntable Z Vector, Rotate X Bezier - Clockwise, Rotate Y Bezier - Clockwise, Rotate Z Bezier - Clockwise, Rotate X Vector - Clockwise, Rotate Y Vector - Clockwise, Rotate Z Vector - Clockwise, Rotate X Bezier - CounterClockwise, Rotate Y Bezier - CounterClockwise, Rotate Z Bezier - CounterClockwise, Rotate X Vector - CounterClockwise, Rotate Y Vector - CounterClockwise, Rotate Z Vector - CounterClockwise, Rotate Twice X Bezier, Rotate Twice Y Bezier, Rotate Twice Z Bezier, Rotate Twice X Vector, Rotate Twice Y Vector, Rotate Twice Z Vector, Wiggle - Cycles - X Axis, Wiggle - Cycles - Y Axis, Wiggle - Cycles - Z Axis, Move - Bezier - X Axis, Move - Bezier - Y Axis, Move - Bezier - Z Axis, Move - Vector - X Axis, Move - Vector - Y Axis, Move - Vector - Z Axis, Move - Oscillate - Bezier - X Axis, Move - Oscillate - Bezier - Y Axis, Move - Oscillate - Bezier - Z Axis, Move - Oscillate - Vector - X Axis, Move - Oscillate - Vector - Y Axis, Move - Oscillate - Vector - Z Axis, Move - Jump X Axis, Move - Jump Y Axis, Move - Jump Z Axis, Noise - X Axis, Noise - Y Axis, Noise - Z Axis, Drift - X Axis, Drift - Y Axis, Drift - Z Axis

A small sample preview:

One Click Animation:

Select your object and pick a premade animation. 

Hit "Apply Motion Presets" and our custom Python code instantly assigns keyframes with perfect handle timing, bringing your object to life in a split second.

Delta Transform Keyframes used (non-destructive):

Our presets use Delta Transform keyframes. 

This means you can freely move, rotate, or scale your object after applying the animation without affecting the core movement! It's like adding an extra layer of control for perfect results.

Animate Multiple meshes at once:

You can select multiple objects at once and apply motion presets to it simultaneously. 

Each of the object will have its own animation data (it is not linked to each other) which can be manipulated to your liking.

Mix and Match presets to create new animations:

Don't be limited to just one animation! Apply multiple presets to a single object (as long as they don't overlap) and watch unique new movements emerge. 

It's like combining building blocks to create a whole world of animation possibilities!

Relative Keyframe support:

The preset animations will start where the timeline cursor is placed. You don't have to manually move the keyframes after adding the preset.

Works with any text, mesh and curve:

Text, objects, Camera, or curves - our presets work wonders! As long as the element supports Delta Transform keyframes (most do!), you can bring it to life with a single click.

Shaded Monkey mesh from poster:

The shaded monkey model you see in our promo materials is included with your purchase.

Use it in your projects, it is released under a royalty free license.

Saves Time and Effort:

Traditional keyframe animation requires countless keyframes and tedious handle adjustments.

Our addon automates this process, saving you hours and letting you focus on what truly matters: bringing your creative vision to life!

For beginner and Advanced users:

From beginners to animation veterans, everyone benefits from saving time and effort. 

Our Motion Presets streamline your workflow, letting you focus on creativity without getting bogged down in technical details.

For Personal and Commercial use:

You can use this product to earn money from it through freelancing and so on.

"Pro - Single Seat":  Full Product. Single Seat. License For Freelancers or Individuals, for both personal and commercial use.

"Pro - Multi Seat": Full Product. Unlimited Seats within 1 company. License For Studios and Companies, for both personal and commercial use.

The Blend file, Poster, trailer, samples, Video and PDF Training tutorial are Standard Royalty Free license. More info here:

The Motion Presets Add-on is licensed GPL 3.0. .

PDF Documentation and Video Training Tutorial:

Do you just want to learn a small aspect of the product, but you don't want to watch a long video for it? I understand. Attention spans have reduced in the age of the internet.

This 25 paged PDF tutorial contains all the things that are possible with this product. There are image screenshots of each step for extra clarity.

There is also a step-by-step screencast video training tutorial explaining each aspect of the product.

30 Day Refund Guarantee:

Blendermarket mandates all of its products to have a refund guarantee of 30 days with no questions asked.

Before buying, please first try the demo so that you can get a general idea of the product.

After buying, contact me via the support inbox or email me at for any problem that you have.

Still, if you encounter any issue, then contact blendermarket for a refund.

Quick Support: 

If you have any question whatsoever, or encounter any problem. Do contact me by the support inbox or at my email

Multi-platform support (macOS, Linux, Windows): 

It works for macOS and Linux too. 

Unlike After-Effects or Premiere-pro, Blender has native support for Linux. In fact, rendering is faster on Linux than on Windows. This product itself was made on Ubuntu.

All future updates are FREE:

Addition of Motion Presets and features in the future will be available for existing customers at no cost.

The price of this product may increase in the future. So, if you buy now, you will get new Motion Presets and features at no extra cost.

About me :

Hi, My name is Vikrant Jadhav and I run a YouTube channel and a blendermarket page called Blender Renaissance.

My previous product “Node Charts: Info Graphs For Blender Using Geometry Nodes” has sold 75 copies on blendermarket with seven 5-Star Ratings.

I am a Motion Graphics freelancer and I have been using blender professionally for over 10 years.

I have done freelance jobs (like Explainer videos and App commercials) for various people in Spain, New Zealand, US, and India.

In Conclusion:

I have tried everything to make sure the Motion Presets are easier to use. I also made sure that maximum freedom is allocated to the user. 

This is the product I wish I had when I started working on it. 

I hope it helps you the same way it would have helped me.

Thanking you,
-Vikrant Jadhav
Blender Renaissance

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