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Moss Biome Ground Scatter - How to Use in Blender

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Download and unzip the

The Blendfile and the textures folder have to stay together in whatever location you choose.

You can open the Blendfile right away and use it. Aside from the Moss Biome you will find an environment example from the previs renders in the .blend.

Using the Mosskit in any of your own Blendfiles or a clean scene

1. Open up the desired file and choose append from the File menu.

2. In the append menu navigate to the folder you unzipped the Moss_Biome.blend and the textures folder to. Enter it

3. Enter the Collections Data and Append the Collection "AK_MossBiome_MainCollection" this will only append what you need for the full biome.

4. Now all you need will be imported under the Main Biome Collection you just picked.

Using the assets on their own is perfectly possible. If you plan on placing them by hand for example. Only make sure that you dublicate them or their collection and put them outside of the MossBiome_Main Collection so you don't interfere with the GeoNodes setup.

The Geo Nodes itself are pretty straight forward. Pick any object and add a new "Geometry Nodes" modifier to it. In the modifier select for example the "Moss_Biome_Scatter" Node Group. Now you get a full moss Biome generated with the default attributes. Play around with the settings until you are happy with the result. This modifier can then be copied. Multiple modifiers of the same type can also be changed at the same time by selecting all objects using them and changing values with ALT key pressed.

5. Render the Biome with Cycles. It also works with EEVEE, but of course will only be physically correct with Cycles.


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