Modular Metals

by Curtis Holt in Surfacing

What is it?

Modular Metals is a comprehensive collection of node groups and presets designed to help you build a wide variety of metal material effects in Blender.

The nodes have been designed for the Cycles rendering engine inside of Blender, to be used in combination with the Glossy BSDF shader, however outputs have been separated on many nodes to let you use the results with any shader you like.

Please watch the introductory video for a visual demonstration.

With the addition of the asset browser for Blender, the package now comes in the form of a single blend file which you can add to your own Asset Library folder. Go to (Edit - Preferences - File Paths) in Blender to manage and create new asset library folders.

Note: Statue models shown in example imagery are not included in the package but can be downloaded for free from their respective authors ( and Geoffrey Marchal)


The 'Modular' in Modular Metals refers to the design philosophy of re-using simpler node groups as 'functions' to build up layers of more complex effects.

Despite a wide variety of presets being available, with a small amount of material creation experience, you will be able to use the nodes to create an incredible variety of metallic surface effects. 

Preset Collection

A variety of presets have been included showing you how to make use of the different nodes to build up complex effects. These are all procedural, allowing you to use them on any object (without requiring any UV mapping). For a complete gallery of available presets, please visit the official project page.

Smart Nodes

A certain number of presets have been designed to take ambient occlusion and edge data into consideration to help you build interesting edge-wearing effects. No more having to manually texture simple metal objects or bake out cavity maps.

Free Updates - An Evolving Project

This project has been designed around my personal workflow, and as such I expect to add even more features to it in the future. Buying this product will of course give you complete access to all future updates and improvements. If there is anything you would like to see added to the project, feel free to contact me.


You may use these nodes in your own renders for free or commercial use (work or freelance), however you cannot redistribute them. You may not send files to other people that contain the node groups.

For More Information

If you want to learn more, please visit the official web page for the project on my website where you will find a comprehensive breakdown of the features as well as a gallery of all of the available presets.

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